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Upload data from Excel interactively?

We are developing a Rates managment system in Salesforce, in which Sales Reps can see and change the rates their customers will be charged for our services. As part of this there is the option to export a set of rates in Excel format. The rep would then discuss this with their customer and make any agreed changes to rates on the spreadsheet. We need then to get that data back into Salesforce from the spreadsheet.


Could we script Data Loader to import the data from a csv file uploaded from a visualforce page? If so, how? Or is there some other way? The whole process needs to be as simple as possible for the user. Preferably just: pick your file.and press the upload button.


Any pointers you can give would be much appreciated.









I think you can use standard data import wizard provided by salesforce.

Goto Setup--> Administration Setup--> Data Management

Now you will have 4 import options, just click on "Import Custom Objects" and follow the instruction.




Thank you for your reply. I am sorry if my original post was not l clear, but we need something really simple than an ordinary user can use.


 To use the Custom Object Import you need to be an administrator, which our Sales Reps are not. Also they would find this interface too hard to use.


What we need is very simple (conceptually at any rate!). They will export an Excel spreadsheet (that bit I can do). Then we need to import back that same spreadsheet (as a csv). Ideally there would be a page where they can select a file from their PC and press a button to upload it and import the data it contains.


I envisaged creating a visual force page, but I'm not clear if you can upload a file to a location on SF and then use dataloader (or something else) via Apex to import the data.


Any luck finding a solution. I'l looking for somthing similar.


I found this site that gave a solution that was very easy to adapt to suit my requirement. It turns out it's actually ridiculously simple once you know how :-)


Further to my previous post, this site had a good class for parsing csv files


EuanTG, thanks so much for the links.


this is exactly what I needed and I already have it up and running. Much easier then I thought it would be. Thanks again