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Gareth DaviesGareth Davies 

Ajax 3.3 Beta - FireFox 1.5 - "Permission denied to call method"

"Permission denied to call method"
I am testing with some cross browser apps.
I have an HTML page which I load locally which has the the following :
var result = sforceClient.login(DebugUser,DebugPass); 

This works fine when I test with IE (6.0.2900.) but with FF ( it throws the above exception.
I can't find the call that is throwing the error (the debugger is not really that good in FF) but I have had the same issue when trying to load XML documents which was caused by the following:
ThIS Works in IE but not in FF


Tester= getXMLHTTPRequest();"get","Sample.xml",false)



Works fine in IE but in FF it throws the same error. FF, it seems, demands a NULL parameter in the send.


Tester= getXMLHTTPRequest();"get","Sample.xml",false)


This works with both . Perhaps this is the issue here as well?

I have no problem using



 Within an SControl on FF 1.5, so I don't think this is super-urgent, but it would improve things on the testing front here as we have other surpise errors caused by cross-domain calls that are making life difficult enough!

Any comments or suggestions welcomed.




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Ive had similar troubles with the login method here but with IE 6 on Win XP(works on my machine IE6 with Win 2003 Standard).

I would also welcome any feedback or suggestions on this.

Ron HessRon Hess
If you havent tried it yet, the new version of FireBug 0.4 had a nice source debugger, you should be able to trace and see where this is coming from. 

if it is the AJAX toolkit, then i think you are hitting a security feature of Firefox.
Gareth DaviesGareth Davies

Thanks Ron

I was trying to use Venkman with very limited success...




I have exactly the same problem with the same source, when I use sforce.login(""user", "password")...

it is work with IE 6.0 but not works with Firefox

Anyone has found which parameter to turn off ?


Any Mozilla based browser (Firefox, Camino, etc.) will return this error when you try to execute XMLHttpRequests from one domain to another ( to for example).

To get around this you need to disable cross site scripting protection within hidden preferences in Firefox or other Mozilla based browsers and add a line of code to your javascript library:"UniversalBrowserRead");

I've posted details on how to fix Permission denied to call method with respect to the Ajax Toolkit on my blog. The solution should be workable for your situation as well.