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New Open source project: Using DBAmp to import recs

In an earlier post, Linebacker asked:

DBAmp is great. I never asked for, but can i write my local changed datasets back to Sforce? How?

and my repsonse was:

I think what you're looking for is a way to import from SQL Server into Salesforce (kind of the opposite of SF_Replicate). You can do it a couple of ways: 1. Use SQL Data Transform Services to export your SQL table into a csv, then use dataloader to upload this csv. 2. Write your own custom stored proc that compares the ID and SystemModstamp between the local table and the SALESFORCE...Object to find differences. Then use an update SQL statement to update the values you want up on the SALESFORCE side. I am considering writing a SF_Import stored proc that does this, but I have kinda of a full plate right now getting DBAmp ready for the Winter '06 release. Any open source'ers that want to take a stab at it (with a little guidance from me) ?

Now, Benfishin and I have taken up the challenge. As a new open source project, we are going to write an import program that imports records from SQL Server into Salesforce.

But first, I would like to get some input from the community with regards to the features needed. For example:

1. Should it be similiar to the options provided by the Sforce Data Loader ?

2. Should it use the new UPSERT command in the api ?

3. Should it be batch mode or interactive or both ?

Let's make sforce open source work for all of us. If you have some ideas, suggestions, or just want to help develop open source solutions, respond to this thread with contributions you can make. I'll take care of the details of setting up the project in SourceForge and allocating the developer member id's.

Thanks, Bill Emerson

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Also, if you have other ideas for sforce open source projects, let's post them here.

Fantastic idea Bill and Benfish - I am very excited about this.

I will dig into DBAmp a bit more and will try to contribute ideas for feature sets.

Thanks for doing this.
Todd Hardin,
Customer Systems Inc.