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How to get EmailToCase to run on schedule?

My knowledge of Java and Unix is very limited but I'm trying to get Email2Case running in a hosted environment, I have EmailAgent all installed and I can logon to the Apache server using Putty.exe (a SSH client) and execute the email2case.bat or "java -jar Email2Case.jar sfdcConfig.txt log4j.properties" provided I've changed directory to /EmailAgent. Everything runs fine and it checks our IMAP mail account every few minutes and moves new emails in SF fine - but as soon as I close Putty, it stops the process (I guess because because the user that executed the process has logged out).
I've to set up a cron job ( a unix scheduler apparently) but can't get it going. Here's what I have put into my crontab file:

*/5 * * * * /EmailAgent/email2case.bat   (i.e. run every 5 minutes).
What should I put in the crontab file?
I'm convinced I'm so close to getting a simple and cheap service setup to run email2case that many would be interested which I'd be happy to publish full details - if I could get it to work