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Noya ANoya A 

Can't use the Excel connector anymore.

I'm using this tool and it was working for the last 10 months.

However, since last week, I can't login with it. The error message is about an API access rights.

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Sorry for asking. Sounds like you know everything, so I'll just let you go figure it out.

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Make sure you can log in to Salesforce. If so, then try adding your security key after your password.
Noya ANoya A
The user and password are correct. The error is this: "API is no enabled for this Organization or Partner. ExceptionCode: 5069"
Did you try adding the security token after your password?
Noya ANoya A
Of course I used the correct token.



Sorry for asking. Sounds like you know everything, so I'll just let you go figure it out.

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We have exactly the same problem. When you look at the login details in SFDC it says "successful", but in Excel we get a message about API access rights. When I use the Excel connector on another PC with exactly the same user it works.


These steps are for those who struggled with getting the Professional Edition of the Connector to work:


1.) Download Office Toolkit 4



2.) Download Office Toolkit 3

Office Toolkit 3 download
http://sforce.sourceforge.net/excel/install.htm, depending on the version that you're

3.) I've tried all sorts of PE Connector versions and the only one that worked for me was this:

_connect_616pe.zip/download - SForce Connector version 6

4.) Don't worry about the version number as you will be presented the option to change the server URL for updated API access


Change Server URL to - https://www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/20


5.) You may also want to make sure that you have this installed.


MSDN Framework 1.1 - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa569264.aspx

Pete Fife 16Pete Fife 16
As a follow up on this for others that maybe looking for an excel connector replacement.... check out Data connector for Salesforce (https://workspace.google.com/u/0/marketplace/app/data_connector_for_salesforce/857627895310?hl=en&pann=sheets_addon_widget)made by google. I was a huge fan of Ron Hess' excell connector!