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Lauren GrauLauren Grau 

Announcing New Salesforce Developers Discussion Forums

Today we’re excited to announce the new Salesforce Developers Discussion Forums. We’ve listened to your feedback on how we can improve the forums.  With Chatter Answers, built on the Salesforce1 Platform, we were able to implement an entirely new experience, integrated with the rest of the Salesforce Developers site.  By the way, it’s also mobile-friendly.

We’ve migrated all the existing data, including user accounts. You can use the same Salesforce account you’ve always used to login right away.  You’ll also have a great new user profile page that will highlight your community activity.  Kudos have been replaced by “liking” a post instead and you’ll now be able to filter solved vs unsolved posts.

This is, of course, only the beginning  and because it’s built on the Salesforce1 Platform, we’re going to be able to bring you more features faster than ever before.  Be sure to share any feedback, ideas, or questions you have on this forum post.

Hats off to our development team who has been working tirelessly over the past few months to bring this new experience to our community. And thanks to each of you for helping to build one of the most vibrant and collaborative developer communities ever.

Niket SFNiket SF
I like the UI enhancement :)
Nice job!  Kudos to the team (or perhaps I should say "likes").

Speaking of which, I can see that some of my old posts have likes on them (presumably translated from kudos), but my profile doesn't show any likes.  Is this a known issue?
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi GlynA, thanks for your feedback! we're glad you "like" it ;)

Currently, likes on your profile actually reflect the posts you have yourself liked as opposed to posts you have authored that have received likes.  We're interested in feedback on what people would like to see on their profiles and how to make the language more clear. 

On the old site, kudos were both a metric and motivator for contributors to answer questions.  As such, it would be nice to know how many of one's posts have been liked.  The old leaderboard was nice, too - it's a gamefication element that (I think) drives contributions.

Another feature that I'm missing already is the ability to edit my posts.  It is common for me to share a post, only to realize that there are typos.  For ordinary communications, some typos can be overlooked, but when posting code, typos are anathema.  I'd rather edit my typos than re-post.

I'm enjoying the new site and look forward to its evolution.
Chirag MehtaChirag Mehta
Awesome Job, I'm simply loving it .. been waited for this for years .. finally happy to see it in action...

Below are some of the points  which might be missing or issues or recommendations, please implement same and make this forum a rockstart place -:)
  1. Discussion Forums text at top needs to be hyperlink to forum home page, its not clickable as of now
  2. " appears instead of quote in Post Title
  3. Even after updating nickname in profile, the posts shows old nickname - In my case I changed nickname from Chirag Mehta.ax236 to Chirag Mehta, still my old posts are showing my nick name on old posts and comments as "Chirag Mehta.ax236" and not "Chirag Mehta" (Not sure from where I got this nick name "Chirag Mehta.ax236" ?)
  4. When on any of Topic Page, we show posts on right with top line of that post - Can we extend that to show top 3 lines of post ? as most of time top line of post is Hi or Hello with new line, hence the actual post content is not visible in this preview mode, you need to click in to see some more detail  .... 
  5. When viewing any old post, I couldn't see to which TOPIC that post belongs. Top of that post only says Unsolved Questions > This Question, even the sidebar listing Topics isn't highlighted (for eg
  6. User Profile
    1. When I hover over any user profile name, may be show a hover (like we do inside salesforce when you hover over any username) with details such as user since, replies count, questions posted etc (PS : I noticed we do show hover on user Image and not on user name, so may be enable same even on user name)
    2. Introduce concept of Badges and award user Badges based on their contribution
    3. Provide option to list users certification - This is helpful when posting or replying to Job Board forums
  7. Code Editor - Provide option to copy code, open in new window  etc
  8. What would you like to know - May be while typing it down, starting show in ajax manner posts that match (like we do on
  9. When posting or replying to post, I don't see an option to add code snippet ? There's none toolbar option to add/highlight code snippet. Even no option to add emoticons.
  10. ....
Once again, thanks a lot!
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
Happy to see the new site live! My new home as the Discussion Boards moderator - loving it! Jacob - I've noticed some issues in addition to the ones mentioned above and will share the details via email.

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi Chirag, 

first - thanks for the extensive feedback!  Let me respond 1 by 1

1) you can return to home by clicking the breadcrumb right above the question feed.  We've had some feedback that this may not be 100% intuitive so we'll be considering how the breadcrumbs should work sitewide as we evolve the overall site.  

User-added image

2) Are you seeing that on new posts or old posts?  I think its working fine on new posts and may only be with some of the migrated data (which we're looking into)

3) I've updated your nickname for you.  Not sure why it didn't save but we'll look into it!  But you should be set for now

4) Absolutely!  That's some great feedback and we're seeing the same thing. It may take a little time because of the holidays but that is going to be high on our list to try out. 

5) Ah I see.  I'm not sure its a configurable option in Chatter Answers but we may be able to add it as a custom option. Will look into it. 

6a) Yes, will look into hover over name

6b) We actually built out a feature to enable badging but decided we weren't quite ready to roll it out. Its something we were planning to revisit post 1.0 release. 

6c) For now you could certainly list it in your bio... but yes, that makes sense.  We can certainly make this more "out of the box"

7/9) I know its not intuitive, but if you use pre tags like this:

User-added image

We'll try to provide a "FAQ" page that answers questions like this

8) I think it starts to do that already?  But maybe after you press enter? will see what we can do to improve it. 

Keep 'em coming!  Some great suggestions here. 
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi GlynA, 

We'll look into how we can make some of the stats more public (as appropriate) to make the experience fun and of course help get people recognition for the great service they are providing to the community. Thanks for the feedback!

With respect to "editing posts" that seems to be a very common request. We're taking it back to the Chatter Answers product team as one of the top pieces of feedback. I know there is concern about allowing edits once someone has begun to interact with your post/reply but at a minimum, you should be able to edit a post prior to someone commenting on it or maybe give you a preview option.  Also, facebook seems to have an elegant solution for how to handle edits to existing posts so there are some options that could be implemented.  No promises on timeline but will pass this along to them. 

As a developer forum, it would be great to have the code paste editor back (Maybe it could even use the same coloration as the developer console?)
It's much more difficult to read posts without code blocks.
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi ilewi,

You can highlight code use pre tags.  Not sure if we can build a custom editor or not but as long as you surround your code in the tags you will be set!

User-added image

In looking at "View my questions" I have 20 questions and 82 replies. When I click on "Replies" it shows me 50 of them but I can't see how to display the rest of the replies
Older forum is better than newer 1.

1. Losing of kudos
2. could not add our signature at the end each post.
3. Not getting the list to show the top authors in each forum

Kindly give the older one....
Happy to see some focus on this, but why not instead just promote  It's free, costs nothing for Salesforce, and the UI is far, far better.  

Instead of spending another 5 yrs addressing the mountain of feedback you're getting in this post please just let these discussion boards go the way of the dataloader and pass the torch onto stackexchange.
Beautiful stuff, great migration.
Unfortunately, when I change my nickname on my profile, this does not change the author name on my past posts/questions : can this be fixed ?
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
@mshelman: thanks for the heads up!  May take a little bit of time due to the holidays, but we'll get it fixed

@subra: your kudos and the best solutions you've authored have been migrated over - I've actually verified this on your profile and can see that all the data has been migrated!  Unfortunately we do not show your full stats on your profile at this point but I will look into a way to let you share this (GlynA asked for this as well, above).  Also keep in mind that the "likes" on your profile page reflect content you yourself has liked.  This seems to be a bit confusing so we're going to work on how we can make it more clear.  Give us a bit of time and we'll make it better!

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
@Rup: ahh!  Yes, this should be a straight forward fix!  It looks like the system is configured to use your first/last name instead of your nickname.  Give us a couple of days due test and make sure there aren't any unforseen complications and we'll get this fixed.  
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
@altius_rup: actually it was a very simple configuration issue which is now fixed.  If you notice any odd behaviors please let me know!  Probably the easiest way to reach me is via twitter: @jlehrbaum
the FONT size is tooooo small !
can somebody please tell me how to post a new question in this new format? (I am not getting a link from where I can post one)
A couple more observations:

1. From my profile, I list my replies.  Replies older than November 4 or so have a date of "Undefined NaN NaN" and their links are broken... (URL no longer exists).

2. It would be great to be notified when anyone replies to a post that I have also replied to, so that I can know when my reply is commented on.  Also, it would be nice to know when a reply has been selected as a solution.  Perhaps replying to a post should make you automatically "follow" that post.

Great Job! "Like" to the ebtire development team.

Now, the likes we made are shown on the profile; instead, it would be more motivative if the likes a contributor got are shown.

Thanks again for the awesome enhancements...

Also. there is no chance to edit the comment

- Harsha
Hi Jacob

Great Job! Many congratulations to team. Here are some questions for new look.

1. Where can I find individual RSS feed for the topics like "Apex Code Development" or "Visualforce Development"? It is missing in new UI.
2. Are we able to send private message to any board member as we did earlier?
3. Where is the advance search option? How can I search somebody with his name?

Its now similar to Success community! nice!!
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum

lots of great feedback!  May take a little bit of time to get to some of these as our development team is taking a brief and much needed break right now, but we'll get right on these after the holidays. Some of these issues are relatively simple and we can get to them pretty quickly.  Some requests (like the ability to edit posts) actually need to get implemented in the underlying product so I'm passing along that feedback to the Chatter Answers product team.

GlynA: will look into the broken link issue and definitely agree with you on "auto-follow when you reply."

harsha__c: I'm looking into the best way to add likes (and best solutions) to your profile - should be relatively straight forward and I agree with its importance!  Unfortunately as I mentioned above, "editing questions" does not appear to be something we can enable at the moment but I'm sharing this feedback with the product team.  If you notice an issue with your post after its posted, you can delete it and repost at that time.  As long as someone else hasn't replied to your post, you won't create any issues with continuity.  I know its not a great solution though.

KapilC: You've brought up a number of the current limitations so I don't have any magic solutions for you.  We do not presently have RSS capability but I'll look into this and see if its easy to create.  We do not currently have "private message" support either.  Its not on our short term roadmap at the moment as we did not see a huge amount of usage in the past - but curious to see how others feel about it.  If there's a lot of interest we can definitely look into it. With regards to advanced search, your best bet is to go to the search bar in the upper right and type in "<Name>'s Profile" with quotes, for example "Jacob Lehrbaum's Profile."  You can then see the persons posts by viewing their profile page. 

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Zoom_V: just type the subject of your post into the main search box above the question feed.  You then have an option to create a new post or select an existing post that has a similar topic
King KooKing Koo
I clicked the "Continue to post" button, assuming that's the button you meant, Jacob, and nothing happens.  I am using Google Chrome.  Thanks.
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi King Koo, 

What OS are you on?  It works for me in Chrome on Mac OS X 10.8.5.  Not sure if something else is going on.  For clarity, attaching an animated GIF of the submission process

User-added image
King KooKing Koo
Hi Jacob 
Yes your animated gif is what I would've expected.

I'm using Chrome on Windows 8.  My Chrome is Version 31.0.1650.63 m

I also JUST noticed that, if I click any of the suggested posts, (i.e. the posts above the "Continue to post" button), nothing happen either, so I cannot open post from there.

Thanks a lot.
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi King Koo, 

Sorry you are running into issues with this!  Would you mind emailing me at jlehrbaum at  Just tried using Win8 with the same version of Chrome and not seeing the same issue but maybe we can debug it offline?
King KooKing Koo
Hi Jacob

Sent.  Thanks a lot!!
Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your clarifications on my concerns. For the advance search, it searches your profile but not mine any hack is there ;) . Also if i search "Jacob's Profile" it should returns some profiles including yours but it returns none. One other thing want to share with you that auto spell check is missing in current comment editior but it was in the old one.

Happy New Year to you and your team.

Admin vth DevSkillsAdmin vth DevSkills
UI Looks Great.......
Venkat PolisettiVenkat Polisetti
We used to get email notifications whenever a new message is posted to a question that you have either created or answered. Is there a setting I am supposed to enable to receive email notifications?

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
@KapilC: are you sure?  I'm getting results when I use that same approach on yours.  Here's the URL with the search string:'s%20profile%22

@Venkat: you should get notifications when you like posts.  I'm going to look into whether we have the right behaviors configured for creating/answering.  Give us a little time and we'll make sure we get those settings set up. 
It seems that if I use the pre tags, the code looks great, but I lose all of my other paragraph formating outside of the pre block.  I'll demo here.

This is a new paragraph with a blank line separating it from the first paragraph.

This is code in a pre block.

This is another paragraph outside the pre block.

This is yet another paragraph.  All paragraphs have blank lines in-between.

-Glyn (My signature in a separate paragraph.)
Thanks Jocob, I understand that you are on the way with so many changes/updates/enhancements in your minds. Waiting eagerly for them :D

I also have seen the chatter communities created for the developers. So cool.

By the way, came to see another small issue with the dates ( on the posts

Kudos again to the entire dev. team

- Harsha
Deepak SinghDeepak Singh


I have a very basic doubt. How do I ask a question on this forum? Couldn't see a link to post a new question.

I have the same question as Deepak.  I cannot find a link to post a new question.
Venkat PolisettiVenkat Polisetti
Enter text into the text box at the top of the page and press ENTER / RETURN key and click Continue to post button.
Not a huge fan of the layout. When I visit a forum "page" such as Visualforce I can only see the 4 most recent posts above the fold. Before the forum posts where nice and condensed so you could quickly scan the subject lines and see recent posts. This is very painful with the new layout.
Gah! And no way to edit posts? I'd like to fix my typos so I don't sound like a bumbling fool.
Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal
It's not very intuitive but that's the way it is for now. If you are not able to figure out how to create a new post, see this video -

Just type the subject of your post into the main search box above the question feed.  You then have an option to create a new post or select an existing post that has a similar topic.

I hope this helps.

I have read a few referenes to using a pre tag to get your code formatted properly.  I don't quite understand this.  Do you past it special?  Just add <pre> and </pre> at the top and bottom of your code?  I am copying from the developer console if that makes a difference .
oh, based on the result of my post indeed just add pre before and after... answered my own question.
@Jacob Lehrbaum,

Nice UI .Can you please address the following:

1. Not being able to edit a post. After posting i relaized I have typos, and needed to format the code snippet for better readbility but the only optio i have is to delete the post and then repost.
2. If i forget to wrap the code in <pre>, it displays as one big sentence. Can you enhance the editor to add code similar to the previous version.

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum

1) There isn't much we can do about this until the underlying product (Chatter Answers) gets support for handling edits.  We've shared this as feedback but it may take some time for it to get into their roadmap and released. You might want to submit this as an Idea in the ideaexchnage

2) Stay tuned, we're looking into how we can make this better. 
Agree 100% with the comments from others. IMO:
  • Poor information-sparse layout. Huge increase in scrolling
  • Poor formatting controls
  • Lack of editability
  • Awkward search UI, lack of sorting options
  • Underpowered search (seems to search only question titles?)
But the biggest issue I see? Terrible default sort options for all forums that all-but-guarantee new posts will be lost forever. This is supposed to be a discussion board but it feels like a wasteland.

And, not that I expect this to change, it's very unfortunate that discussion forum identities are now tied 1:1 to SFDC logins.

I expect this redesign will end up driving a lot more traffic to
Re identities ties to SFDC logins:  I am often logged in to multiple orgs simultaneously - my company's org, my DE org, one or more client orgs.  When I click the Login button, it uses whichever session was started most recently.  Consequently, before I can log into the forums, I have to re-login to my company's org (the one my identity is tied to) to make that session the most recent.  If I forget, I wind up with some random identity and have to logout, login to my company's org, and then login to the forums again.  I would much prefer to be asked for my credentials everytime I log in.

I'd also LOVE to know if my forum session has timed out before I try to post!  The frustration of carefully crafting an answer only to lose it because I'm (unknowingly) logged out is very frustrating!

HELP!  If I look at my Replies, all posts older than yesterday are now broken links.  In particular, this post:

which I replied to just minutes ago.  I can't find them in the regular list of posts (sorted by Date Posted) either!

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
GlynA: sorry about that!  The links should work now.  There's an issue with the way replies are sorted.  They are currently sorted based on the date you replied, however the date in the "card" is the date that the question was originally posted.  We're looking into the best behavior for that.

With regards to the login issues you've flagged: we're investigating what our options may be.  Some of this is based on the underlying platform authentication behavior but we'll see what we can do to make it better. 
Ken KoellnerKen Koellner
Is there a way to "reply" without it geing an "answer"?  I only see "answer".  I posted a follow up to one of my questions and it is now marked "solved".  It seems to me a useful thread could have many replies before it is considered "solved."
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi Ken - we're considering changing the text "answer" (the default setting) to reply to reflect the fact that its more of a discussion.  But to answer your question, simply replying or answering a post does not mark it as solved.  You as the author (or a moderator) have to pick the answer or reply that you think is best and click the "best answer" button that pops up on the buttom of the reply as you mouse over it.  There can definitely be many replies before one is chosen as the best reply. 


Saravanan @CreationSaravanan @Creation
Hi Ken,

Under Profile if we have total number of question solved it will great.

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi Saravan,

We're working on some updates to the profile page (amongst other things) and while I can't make any promises on the exact timing and scope of what we'll be able to add, but we've seen a number of requests for this and agree that it would be a great addition.  Thanks for your feedback and stay tuned!

Not a net improvement. Do not like the UI. 
Title of the page in Chrome does not change, is often wrong.
This is bad enough that I will likely move focus to using
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi jaw99,

1) We're not seeing issues with page titles on our end but would love to fix this, if possible.  Can you share some specific examples of URLs where the title does not change... or are you seeing inconsistent behavior even on the same URL?

2) We are committed to delivering a world-class experience with our fourms.  If you have any specific feedback on what you do or do not like about the new UI I'd really appreciate if you could share it with me.  This thread is a bit lengthy but I'd love to have you send me an email with your comments at jlehrbaum at salesforce dot com.  I'm sure you are busy but anything you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for your time!

Venkat PolisettiVenkat Polisetti
@jacob Lehrbaum,

It is still not sending emails when someone replies to your question or when some one also answers a post on which you earlier posted a reply. If this forum is is based on "Salesforce Answers" how come this is not working just like Answers community? It is very difficult to go and check every time all the posts for which you posted replies.

Forums are supposed to help developers rather than making it difficult to use. 

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
@Venkat Polisetti as I mentioned earlier, you currently get notifications if you like the original post itself. You do not get notifications (as you have observed) if you only reply.  The best way to get notifications when there are replies for now is to "like" a question. We know this isn't as user friendly as you or we would like, so we're working on a feature to add notifications for posts that you have replied to as well.   

The "notifications" behavior that the Answers Community uses is not out of the box "Chatter Answers" functionality so we're actually adding custom code to make this work.  Sorry for the delay but we hope to get it to you soon!

We are committed to making this easy to use and world-class.  There are a number of improvements we're actively working on and hope to get a number of them out shortly.



It's missing reply hierachy, it's hard to follow who's replying to what posts :) 
I think announcements used to be pinned to the top of a category. It looks like they're being treated the same as  threads and just thrown into the mix of threads. I think annoncements should be handled differently than other threads. For example this one:!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&dc=Apex_Code_Development&criteria=UNANSWERED&id=906F00000008wG0IAI
Couple more things: 

1. Is it just me or is <pre></pre> not working? I see lots of refrences to using it in this thread but all I see is the <pre></pre> tags output as text? Seems like they're being escaped and not producing the desired behavior.

2. I'm finding the single sign on very frustrating. I actually want to log in with a different account than I'm usually logged into for development. Can we have the option to log in as a different user?
Jacob Lehrbaum (Salesforce)Jacob Lehrbaum (Salesforce)
Scott: (1) Are you seeing issues with pre tags on the main feed or the details page? It won't work on the main page. It may not work immediately after you post as you have to refresh the screen for the javascript library to reload. It should be working on the Question details page. (2) This is a limitation in the Salesforce authentication process at the moment. We're discussing it with the authentication team and very much agree that this would be a valuable improvement.
how about adding and highlighting code here and also what If a user want to add signature here 
Is there no longer a way to send private messages?
I echo many of @GlynA's remarks; the new forum is far worse for trying to help users with new questions than the previous forum and is also far more difficult to use than Salesforce Stackexchange

1 - The <pre> and /pre> tags should be selectable from the rich text toolbar -- we really, really need to encourage posted code snippets to format them to be readable. If I see a bunch of unformatted code, I tend to avoid even looking at it as it is too much mental work.
2 - Like Glyn, I work on several orgs and want to do all my forum posting from one SFDC id, and that may not be the ID I'm using in the browser at the moment; the old Forum gave me that flexibility
3 - Way too much scrolling; once you read a question and/or reply, the page refreshes back to the top - if you were working on someone's post at position 16, you have to scroll down to find it again (or to get to reading post 17)  Most Apex or VF posts add no additional information in the first few lines so you have to open it up in its entirety to digest the essence of the problem. Too much below the fold as @TehNrd says.
4 - We desperately need a way to preview a post before sharing - and, if code is posted, an ability to edit it as one can make mistakes. The new format discourages responses as it is too hard to fix a typo/misstatement/code error.
Liora MilbaumLiora Milbaum
I am trying to start a new discussion but the post button doesn't work.  I have tried both Chrome and IE with no avail.

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum

1) what OS are you using? what IE/Chrome versions?
2) You should also be able to start a discussion by writing your query into the on-page search box.  It will display some possible results and then you'll see a blue button that says "continue to post" (see image below)

note: you need to be logged in to click either of those two buttons

User-added image
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi crop1645,

#1 and #2: these are both items we're working to improve.  Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

#3: we're getting some pretty conflicting feedback across the board on how much info to show above the fold. We could add a lot more but that means you just have to scroll more to see multiple posts. In fact, given your complaint about scrolling do you even want to see more above the fold? We've been considering testing a version of the feed that only shows titles/replies/author/likes/date and no description at all. Would that be better or worse?

#4: I hear you on this one. We've shared this feedback with the product team as its outside our control at the moment - but I don't expect this will change in the short term. The only thing I can suggest is to do the following (and not saying its good UX but its an option): write the post in a text editor and then paste it in.  If you see any issues delete the post, edit it in your external editor and then paste it back in. Not ideal, but that will let you iterate. Alternatively you can copy your response from the form itself, delete your comment and then post it again. May require a little more formatting but could be another workaround for now. 
Good news on #1 and #2; as for #3 - I prefer one liner subjects above the fold `a la stackexchange (or the old forum) - 
On #4 - sorry to hear this is hard -- seems to me that SFDC which is all about good support for CRUD should support CRUD on posts within the forum - we're missing the 'U'

OS - Windows 8
Chrome - 32.0.1700.107 m

Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi Crop1645,

Thanks for the feedback on your feed preferences and I totally agree with you about the U in CRUD.  I've shared this request with the Chatter Answers product team (its the #1 request I'm seeing in this thread) but you might also want to submit it as an idea in the IdeaExchange and maybe we can get all the people that have requested it on this thread to upvote it!

Hi Liora,

Do you see any errors in the browser? I just verified that I can click the "start a discussion" button on Windiws 8 / Chrome 32 on my end so it may be a configuration issue (possibly a security setting) on your system.  Might be easier to debug via email: jlehrbaum at salesforce dot com  

Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan

This is really great and there is no 'likings' i can see for my aldready got kudos?

could you please help me why i don't see those kudos of mine?

Thank you.
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi KamatchiDeviR

Don't worry, your kudos have all been migrated over as likes - however there is no way for you to directly see this at the moment.  The box that says "likes" on your profile page is actually the content you yourself have liked, not likes you have received.  However, from looking at the database I can see that you have received 27 likes (aka kudos) and have authored 28 best answers. 

We're working to improve the profile page so that you (and others in this community) will be able to see those stats more directly

This place looks like a Twitter feed. It's not. It's a discussion forum for developers, or people trying to become developers. There's lots of wasted space on the sides of the pages, as if it was laid out for my mobile phone. It tries to pull my loing from my production org when I log in without confirming me, so I need to use a separate browser to look here (this should be an obvious issue, since developers who want to maintain an identitity on these boards don't want to use their job's login to get here since those 'leave).
Can you confirm that there's no way to send Private Messages?  I am able to access my OLD messages, but, I don't see anywhere that I can send private messages to specific users.  Has the functionality been removed?
is there any option where we  can ask question to any particular persons? for example if i am not satisfied with a reply can i ask any "SMARTIE" to look into my question and give his views/comments on the topic?

Hi MDhillon, there's not a way for you to pose your question to a specific person; but I would suggest posting your question on Twitter with the hashtag #askforce as many of our community members keep tabs there and you'd get a lot of eyes on it. 

@ilewi121 - not at the moment

@KymLe - private messages not available currently. suggest you make sure your profile is updated with your social outposts so people can connect with you as needed.

@jaw999 - the site is designed to be responsive and display great on a mobile phone, which is something that was lacking in our previous site and much requested. It should always ask you if you wish to log in with your production org before doing so. I understand it is frustrating for those of us working in multiple org enviornments. the separate or incognito browser is probably the best option as you mentioned.

The site is designed to look good on mobile, and maybe it does. But there's a lot of sites out there that look good on mobile and on desktop b/c they appear differently. I look at this site on a 17' wide monitor, not a phone.  Until I can develop on my phone, I'll probably never look here on it.
Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
Thanks for your kind reply Jacob Lehrbaum...!!

New Profile is really awesome...!
Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
Could anyone please guide, how can we add bookmarks for a dicussion?

In this enhanced profile view, there are no option to bookmark  a discussion?
Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
If we can use different colors like before we do, it will be better for highlighting the answers as well as questions.

Thank you.
Todd B.Todd B.
I liked the previous version when it came to posting code snippets, it would be great to have the code paste editor back.  It's much more difficult to read posts without code blocks

Please now my Chrome spell checker does not work?
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi KamatchiDeviR:

1) Glad you like the new profiles!  We have some updates we're working on that will hopefully make them even better.  
2) For now, the best way to "bookmark" a discussion is to like it.  It will then show up in your likes page.  If you don't want to receive email notifications for discussions you've "liked" please unfollow them after you like them.  

Hi Todd B.

You can use code highlighting today by using pre tags in your post (see image below for how this is done).  Once you share your post (and possibly hit refresh if I recall correctly) you should see highlighting in your post. However, we're working on a more intuitive approach so please stay tuned!

User-added image

Will look into the spell checker issue and see if there is anything we can do about that.  Thanks for bringing it up. 
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Hi Jonathan, most of this is in progress other than "post editing" which isn't currently possible on Chatter Answers.  We've shared post editing as a high priority *want* to the Chatter Answers product team.  For the time being the best recommendation is to delete and repost.  You may also want to submit it or vote it up on the ideaexchange.

Some of the updates are dependent on the Spring 14 release and some are dependent on some otherupdates we've been working on.  Very excited to release it to you all soon.

That said, I'm confused about your comment about the default sort options not being chronologically descending.  That *is* the behavior for most users so wondering what you are seeing.  Mind hitting me up at jlehrbaum at salesforce dot com so we can see what is going on in your system?



Ken KoellnerKen Koellner
I'm curious if a poll were taken how many would prefer the old forum over the new forum.

I'm not familar enough with the new one to say whether I like it less than the old, it may just be that I'm not used to it yet.  But I definitely see a trend in a lot of software to dummy down the user interface (can you say Windows 8).  It actually makes it hard for people that know what they are doing to do things.  I'm not a huge fan, no I take that back, I abhor of any interface that tries to make the easier stuff easier but burying the advanced stuff where it is hard to find.
@Jhersh, my advice would be to just ditch the official forums and head over to the promise land on Why try and recreate the wheel when someone's already got a pretty sweet wheel.
Mobile is not the same as desktop. SF is trying to deny reality. 
An even bigger example:
I still get pushed to the home page here when I sign in while already on a question page.
Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay
How can i get to add my 'Signature'?

I would love to add my Signature to all posts and replies automatically.

If i post something, i should have the ability to update that post/comment. Currently, I couldnt find out that feature.

Aaron BaumanAaron Bauman
Where are the permalinks?
Aaron BaumanAaron Bauman
Also it's impossible to see a post's category from search results.
Hi Sure@Dream, right now there is no edit function to your posts. If you find you need to make an edit it's best to delete and start over. This function is on coming soon.

@Aaron Bauman, if you click through to any discussion you'll find the unique permalink for that post., signatures have been replaced with a full profile page for each user. 
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
@thisisnotapril just read the post edit function is on coming son, That is great for me! I started in the community and the first thing that I did ... try to edit and change my "English mistakes" :P and couldn't ... then deleting and starting over again.  Nice to have Edit! I like these news! 
@thisisnotapril :  Please let  me know how can I get a notification for any comment below my comment.I am not getting email notifications for any post below my psot in my Inbox.
Carolina Ruiz MedinaCarolina Ruiz Medina
Hi @Vinit_Kumar to get notifications you need to follow the post-question at the top. Then everytime a comment-answer is added you'll get an email. ( I just got in my inbox your answer :) ) 
shraddha kawaneshraddha kawane
I'm unable to receive email notification for any of my post? please help me out?
Jacob LehrbaumJacob Lehrbaum
Have you checked your email settings by clicking on "my settings" under your username drop down? If not, have you checked your spam folder to see if they are getting stuck there?

User-added image
Abilash Kosigi 8Abilash Kosigi 8
How do you accrue points in this forum. What is criteria for awarding the points?
Pat WimsattPat Wimsatt
How do you create a new post to the Developers Forum? 
Victor Van WaverenVictor Van Waveren
How do you create a new post to the Developers Forum?  There seems to be no option to create a new post...
Rune B. WaageRune B. Waage

Hi, I'm trying to update my profile in the forum, but when I click on the Save button I am redirected to a page with the text:


We're improving our site. Please try again later.

Is this a planned downtime, or a bug? 

I was able to add a profile picture from a png-file, but the resolution is so bad after uploading it and crop it that I am hardly recognizable even for myself.
Another question, Is there a way to connect the user on this forum with my trailblazer user? If not, I miss the opportunity to add a link to my trailblazer profile in the "SOCIAL" section.

Rune B. WaageRune B. Waage
Hi, I am not sure where to comment about issues in this forum. Please let me know if I must raise a ticket somewhere.
I noticed that when you click on persons name in a post in this forum, it is linked to the old forum starting with