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Mahesh Babu 3Mahesh Babu 3 

Breadcrumb functionality on VF page

Hi All,

I want to implement 'Breadcrumb' functionality for community VF page.
My requirement is to show the navigation path to community user on community and also navigate option (Link) to redirect to his previous pages

Is there any standard functionality in salesforce for 'Breadcrumb' ?. Please give me any solutions or work around for my requirements

Thanks for in Advance
Not that I've used. I usually end up developing my own.
Mahesh Babu 3Mahesh Babu 3
Thanks for reply; i am also thinking to build this functionality through in my own coding.

In one way: Page1 >> Page2 >> Page3
while redirecting from Page1 to Page2, i will send the page1 name via URL
In page2: i will fetch the page1 name from URL (Using get('PName') method) and i will place link in VF page
Like this i will do the coding in all pages in community

@Radnip: Is any other simplest way to build this functionality?

Grazitti TeamGrazitti Team
Hi Mahesh,

You can add breadcrums to community using following code in VF page

In VF Page

<span class="test">
        <a href="{!$Page.KnowledgeHome}#{!Level1CategName}">{!Level1CategLabel}</a> / <a href="{!$Page.Testingrticle}?Id={!Testingrticle.KnowledgeArticleId}">{!Level2CategLabel}</a>

In controller:

Fetch the article id's where the url in VF page points to. "Level1CategLabel" and "Level2CategLabel" can be string variables/Ids which points to particular URL

Please mark this best answer if it helps.

Grazitti Team