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Taylor RussellTaylor Russell 

How to I login to Sandbox and grant access to a third party?

I'm not a developer, and I need to give a third party access to my sandbox. I just created a sandbox, but I can't login. I tried messing around with the "View Setup and Configuration" permission...but I'm not having any luck. 

Once I figure out how to login, how do I grant access to the third party?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
@Taylor Russell:

It should be same as your production credentials, except the username will be appended with a (.)dot and your sandbox name. You can also login from production, by going to Setup>Deploy>Sandboxes and clicking login link available there!

In the sandbox, you can create an user by going to setup>manage users>users and create an user record with the third parties email id, select the correct profile & role so that the third party user will have necessary access to sandbox.

Is it what you are looking for? or do you mean third party by any other connected application?

Taylor RussellTaylor Russell
Hey Balaji, I've been attempting to login with the appended Sandbox name, and I'm still not having any luck. Also tried using the "login" option from production. Any other ideas? Thanks so much for your help! Taylor *TAYLOR RUSSELL* -SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER- 404-702-4795
Robert RichterRobert Richter
Hey Taylor,

are you the only person with access to the sandbox? Maybe an other user deactivated your sandbox user.
If any other person has access the sandbox contact this person and re-activate your user and reset your password.

as soon as you have access to the sandbox you can grant access to other user by navigate to:
setup - user management - user 
Setup Navigation
User Management

Best Regards
Robert RichterRobert Richter
Sorry I just saw my screenshots are in german languare. If you need any further help please let me know.
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
@Taylor Russell:

It is weird that you werent able to login to a sandbox from a production! 
Are you the only user using this sandbox? if is no other option im afraid except refreshing the sandbox or raising a help ticket with salefroce! If there is an other user using this sandbox, ask their help to change your email id, choose generate new password option in the user record for you to get your password reset.
Did you login to that sandbox before and happend to change your emailid? if so try resetting your password using the link on"" screen and see if it makes it to your inbox!

Taylor RussellTaylor Russell
Thanks, all! No one else has attempted accessing the sandbox. I just created it this morning. Is it possible that I have permission to create a sandbox...but not access it? I'm a fish out of water here. Ha. Best, Taylor *TAYLOR RUSSELL* -SENIOR ACCOUNT MANAGER- 404-702-4795
Taylor RussellTaylor Russell
Hey Salesforce team, My last response on this thread captured my email signature, and I'd prefer to not have that displayed online. Can one of you please delete/update my last post? It would be much appreciated.
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Hi Taylor, are you still having issues with logging into the sandbox?

You would go to
Logging in with your production password:
But, for your username, you would want it to be

Hope that helps!

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