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Mayank Srivastava (Salesforce fan)Mayank Srivastava (Salesforce fan) 

One questions about this code snippet

I took this directly off David's blog ( Is it possible to use a lead object(dupe) to store contents of a List variable? What purpose does it serve?

dupe = [SELECT Id, Potential_Lead_Dupe__c, Potential_Contact_Dupe__c FROM Lead WHERE Id = :dupe.Id];

Lead dupe = new Lead();
    dupe.FirstName = 'Frodo';
    dupe.LastName  = 'Baggins';
    dupe.Company   = 'Shire';
    insert dupe;
    dupe = [SELECT Id, Potential_Lead_Dupe__c, 
            FROM Lead 
            WHERE Id = :dupe.Id];
    System.assertEquals(lead1.Id, dupe.Potential_Lead_Dupe__c);
    System.assertEquals(ctc1.Id, dupe.Potential_Contact_Dupe__c);

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Miragedeb,

Do you want to store the SOQL query result in Dupe variable? if yes then please create a list<lead> to store the SOQL result as it will return the list. 

Mayank Srivastava (Salesforce fan)Mayank Srivastava (Salesforce fan)
Hey Pratik,
You probably misunderstood my question. If you see the code snippet I posted above (it works since it's from David's site and I didn't write it), that is using dupe (an instance of Lead object) to store a SOQL query result. Are we allowed to do that? 
The dupe variable is first declared as an object instance and then the same variable is used for storing a SOQL query result and that is what confuses me.