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Ralph PenceRalph Pence 

Display text in visualforce email only if data is in field

I'm very new to salesforce. I'm working on a visualforce email template that will provide contacts with certain information. I'm trying include a line a variable text.
For example, how can I display "Face Amount: {!relatedTo.Face_Amount__c}" only if there is a value contained in {!relatedTo.Face_Amount__c}?
Hi Ralph,

Can you please try using display:none; style if relatedTo.Face_Amount__c == null in vf email template?

<span style="{!IF(relatedTo.Face_Amount__c == null, 'display:none;','')}">Face Amount: {!relatedTo.Face_Amount__c}</span>
William LópezWilliam López
Hi Ralph,

You could create a Formula field in the record. Lest calle it "Email_Helper__c".

That formula will be a text like this

IF( ISBLANK( Face_Amount__c) , "", "Face Amount: " + TEXT(Face_Amount__c))

Then in the template use 


That formula will be empty if there is not value and it will have the full text if there is a value.

Of course this solution its valid if you are going to use few text like this, if not you will end up with a lot of fields in your object.

Let me know how it goes.


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