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Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson 

Custom object field-level security for guest user profile

I'm going through the Workbook, trying to add a datatable to a site, but the only data available from a custom object are the standard fields.  I have edited the guest user profile via the site configuration link in the Overview tab of the site to enable read access to the custom object.  I can not find where to set field-level security on the custom object because the guest user profile is not included in the list of available profiles for the objects FLS.
Hi Bruce,

Please check below steps. If you find this answer useful then please mark this as a solution.

1. From Setup, click Develop | Sites.
2. Click the name of the site you want to control.
3. Click Public Access Settings to open the Profile page for your site profile.

This page includes all the functionality for viewing and editing profile permissions and settings, but you can't clone or delete the profile.

In the site profile, you can:

Set the object permissions for your site. You can grant “Read” and “Create” permissions on all standard objects except products, price books, and ideas; and “Read,” “Create,” “Edit,” and “Delete” on all custom objects. All permissions that aren't set by default must be set manually.
Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson
Hi Amit,

Thanks for your response, however my site is not listed in Develop | Sites.  I'm using the Studio to create it and there is a link to the Guest User Profile on the Site Configuration tab where I am able to set CRUD permissions.  I have verified that the proflie has "Read" permission, but when I add a Data Table to a page, only the Standard Fields are available for selection to be included.  The workbook states after editing the Guest User Profile to allow "Read" access, then edit the individual custom object(s) fields to make them visible to the data table, but the Site Guest User Profile is not listed when updating the Field-Level Security for the Object.  I also verified that the Custom Object is in "Deployed" state...
Any other ideas?

Hi Bruce,

Please check if this helps.

Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson
Yeah...It's item #3 - "If required, modify the field-level security of an object." that I am unable to figure out.  These Guest User Profiles are not in the list of profiles when changing the Objects' FLS.
Please see if these 3 links provide some hints.
FYI : Guest User Profiles are never shown in regular profile place.
Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson
I've been through those links as well, to no avail.  The only place I see Guest User Proflies listed with regular profiles is Setup | Security Controls | Field Accessability | "Choose an Object" | "Choose a Field" | "Attempt to Change a Profile".  When you choose a field, the list of profiles provided does not include the Guest User Proflie, but if you attempt to change that fields' accessability for one of the profiles in the initial list, the next screen shows all of the proflies that are assigned to that page layout and the Guest User Profile(s) are in that list.  I am still unable to find how to expose the custom fields to the Guest User Profile.
Juraj Ciljak 17Juraj Ciljak 17
Custom Field-Level Security
Juraj CiljakJuraj Ciljak
In View mode of your Site definition please click View in the Custom Field-Level Security

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 User-added image
Max Bechdel 6Max Bechdel 6
FWIW, it took both of people's suggestions from above:
  • setup -> sites -> {click on your site to go to the builder} -> click on gear icon then click on the guest user profile
    • make sure it has read access to the object itself
    • click on the Custom Field-Level Security (this gives you FLS per field)
More context, I was having issues using uiRelatedListApi in a LWC when the user was not logged in.