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Samuel JohnsonCBESamuel JohnsonCBE 

Google Charts using visualforce

I would like to put a gauge chart from google charts onto the account page.  I am using a field called "Variance_by_Percentage__c".  I know that I would have toe create a visualforce page.  I would like to have the min: -20, max: 20,  greenFrom: -5, greenTo: 5 and majorTicks: [-20, -15, -15, -15, 0, 5, 10, 15, 20] as my options.  Any suggestions for codes.  This is what I would like it to look
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Samuel JohnsonCBESamuel JohnsonCBE
Here is a code that I had tried just on the pages section

<apex:page > <apex:chart height="250" width="450" animate="true" legend="true" data="{account}"> <apex:axis type="Gauge" position="left" margin="-10" minimum="0" maximum="100" steps="10"/> <apex:gaugeSeries dataField="Variance_by_Percentage" highlight="true" tips="true" donut="25" needle="true" colorSet="#F49D10, #ddd"> <apex:chartLabel display="over"/> </apex:gaugeSeries> </apex:chart> </apex:page>