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Ken StantonKen Stanton 

Reports & Dashboards Superbadge - tips from a First Ascent!

Wow.  That was insanely hard.  It took me a solid 2 days to complete (4-6 hours?! no.).  Here are some tips:
  • It has been updated in the past few weeks, so beware of older comments and screenshots that people share.  You should NOT copy them!
  • Detail, detail, detail.  For ALL items you create, copy and paste the names into the blanks - report names, dashboard titles, group names, etc. Check twice.
  • Expect to run into "bugs".  There were easily a dozen that I had to work around carefully.  It started with importing data needing to be CSV parsed, and ended with not being able to move the Lightning report into a folder.  
  • Before hitting the "Check Challenge" button, re-read the description of the step!  And always do them in order.  They build on each other and are pretty good about telling you what will be checked. (in this SuperBadge, at least..)
Now, some specifics about the steps:
  1. Data import was a bit off.  Excel doesn't like to export 1 tab at a time, so be very diligent about checking each CSV to see that it's good.  For some reason, the Hobby list gave me problems, so I added some data that I never mapped upon import.  And details.. a lot of details.
  2. There was an underlying report that wasn't really discussed much, so I had to create it carefully and tweak it until it did what I wanted.  And again, details.
  3. Flipping from Classic to Lightning is easy, but you have to be sure that everything is there and ready to go before you do.  As I found out the hard way, you can't edit in Classic after you start editing in Lightning, so that affects this step and step 6.  Oh, and details.. names, etc.
  4. I can't remember anything specific about this step.  But, details.
  5. I did these reports first (before checking any challenges), and it took a LONG time.  There are so many parts to get right.  The custom report type is the real key, though.  Read very carefully when setting it up, because a wrong choice there will cascade down to all of the reports and make life miserable.  Also, for some reason, my matrix report kept re-inserting columns that I had removed, so I had to check that report EVERY time I edited it.  Oh, and details, once again.
  6. This one was pretty easy once I saw the notes at the BOTTOM of the description (about creating the user, etc.).  I had already worked on the Security Superbadge (stuck, tho) so I knew how to work these well.  But as I said earlier, the Lightning Dashboard gave me the worst trouble.  I found a SFDC webpage that said it was impossible to move the dashboard into another folder!  So, improvise, which ended up working.  Oh, and yea, as you would guess... details!
I LOVED this challenge.  It took me probably 14-16 hours.  But now I feel very versed in these topics.  Thanks, SFDC and TrailHead folks!
Ken StantonKen Stanton
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Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
I'm glad that you posted this, there are a lot of "gotchas" in the Superbadges.

You think that you had it tough? In the old versions, here's my notes:
  1. The file they had you import wasn't nearly as simple as it is now. You had to enforce state abbreviations for each of the Contacts, which I don't believe that they have you do now. You had to manually create the Contact Hobbies. They gave you only one field in one of these three forms: "CH#1", "CH#1,#2", or "CH#1,#2,#3". I'm usually pretty good at formulas, but creating formulas to separate these out was a pain.
  2. Fine and dandy
  3. What #2 said
  4. I copied a typo that Team Trailhead themselves put in there. Did they beta test it? I don't think so.
  5. They didn't even tell you that you needed a custom report type! Oh, and another gotcha, you only needed it for one of the three reports. The only indicator that you needed a custom report type, was that you were supposed to group by the Contact's full name. Everyone, everyone, built a custom formula field - FirstName & " " & LastName.
  6. Beyond one or two of the items, they didn't tell you which reports & dashboards were supposed to go into the Executive folders. Face Palm.
I haven't redone the challenge since they updated it, but it is MUCH easier to do now. (I think they made a mistake simplifying the Excel import, but that's just my opinion.) It is much much better now that someone beta tested it, but unfortunately, we didn't know we were the beta testers. I could name at least two people that beta tested the Apex Specialist Superbadge, but I never ran into anyone that beta tested the R&D Superbadge.

Anyways, enough of my opinions. Congratulations on acquiring the Reports And Dashboards Specialist Superbadge, with First Ascent Flag!

Ken StantonKen Stanton
Yea, I read through a LOT of discussions on the Superbadges, paying careful attention to the dates that people wrote the comments.  I noticed that in a lot of cases, what they did wasn't required anymore.  It's good that they've cleaned it up now, but all of the Beta testers deserve the First Ascent flag for doing so... blind!
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
I'm waiting (more like hoping for a miracle) that the Team will make the decision to devise a way to reset ones eligibility for the First Ascent Flag. Because I copied a typo, I was hoping they would, but it doesn't look like they can. It doesn't show up on my profile because I completed it on another profile so that I could continue to hold out my hope.If they never reset my Flag, fine, I'll earn the stupid badge for my main profile sometime, but after all this, I really don't care too much.

If you weren't on the Success Community at the time of Superbadges, you wouldn't believe how many people couldn't for the life of them figure out how to beat the R&D superbadge. In fact, I had to get help from a fellow Trailblazer through #5, who got help from another trailblazer who figured it out somehow. Now, everything is fine and has calmed down. It's a whole lot better now.
Reports SuperbadgeReports Superbadge
Hi Guys,

Can someone help me with importing of 'Contacts and Accounts' using data I mean what clean up is required in CSV file?

Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Hi Manish, As far as I know, there is no longer any cleanup that needs to be done on the CSV file. (I didn't check, but that's what I remember.) I don't know much about, and I'm not even sure why they told you to use it, but I just used the regular, native, Data Loader (aka Apex Data Loader). If you're familiar with the Data Loader, just use that. Another thing that will be helpful will be External Id fields. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it acts as an Id field without having to use the standard Id field. If you're not familiar with External Ids, don't worry, they aren't necessary, they just make it a little easier to establish relationships between the objects. I hope this helps, Manish. Regards, Parker
Reports SuperbadgeReports Superbadge
Thanks Parker.

Another query: In Challenge 4, do I need to create a custom field: 'Hobby Type' for report-Contacts by Hobby and Rating?

Laura Walker 34Laura Walker 34
Anyone have an error on Challenge 1 saying not enough contacts?
I have verified the contacts in a report and I definitely have 100 and they match the data file exactly.
I even added another random contact bu this does not clear the error.

Misik MisinkoMisik Misinko
A walktrough can be found here
Can someone help me with superbadge dashboard and specialist course please?User-added image

I checked the excel sheet and all the state names are in 2charaters format but still could not pass this stage..