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Michael RuckerMichael Rucker 

Another Trailhead Leader Board...

While going thru Trailhead and learning many things, I decided to put together my own version of yet another Trailhead Leader board. I've fleshed out an example that keeps track of Name, ID, Badges, Superbadges, Comm Badges and Total Points. Sorting, ID validation are also being done. I did all of this for my own edification and learning to better reinforce the skills that Trailhead provided me. Trailhead is really quite amazing

Link to Dev Org Public Site:

This App is one VisualSource Page and Apex controller running as a Public Site. Refresh occurs periodically from a .Net Web App using the Partner WSDL API

I'm hoping to move all of that over to Apex once I figure out a bunch of things. I see some other suggestions about dates. It would be nice to incorporate that also. I'm sure that something like this could be incorporated into Salesforce Orgs for folks to keep track of training of their employees with Trailhead. Part of the loader I've built using the Partner WSDL scans thru all of the badges of a profile and can load them into the Org somewhere.

Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
I assume you got the user profile data from the original Trailhead Leaderboard: This is awesome! One request I have is that you number the place of each user like the original so that we can at a glance see where we rank. So how often will this be refreshed? This is really neat.

Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Parker -

I started with scanning Adam's page for public ID's and looking at that ID's profile for the current data. In your mind how would the ranking be determined. I purposely did not include that but provided sorting on Badges, Super B, and Points. I'll look at the ranking feature based on your feedback. How does that sound ?

Right now it is a manual refresh from a .Net App. I'm working on an automatic process to refresh it every so often with the Org. I'll do it every few days or so to make sure the logic and updates are working. If you know anyone who whats to add their ID, have them do that. That will help me validate some of the internal logic of the App.

Thanks for the feedback! There's a contact link to send me emails. Any other thoughts about enhancing it ?

Michael Rucker
Rahul Sangwan7341Rahul Sangwan7341
@michael I am not able to find the API document to access trailhead data. Can you please help me on the link?
John Lay 9John Lay 9
Thanks Michael for creating this.
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
John - 
It's my pleasure. If you think of any feature enhancements, I'd be happy to hear them.

Some things I'm working on:
Ability to see all the Trailblazers who have completed a particular badge
Formula based Ranking
Auto Update when folks add their ID
Periodic Update of all values at  certain time each day
Maybe percentages

Anyways, enjoy!
John LayJohn Lay
All great ideas.  Percentages sound great, especially percentage "complete" towards 100% badage completion.
Periodic update is the one feature I excited to see.  If you need assistance, I'm willing to lend a hand.

One more feature I've thought of is Trail completion.  Not sure if the data is available, but if it was a ranking by trail completion would be nice to know. Show # of trails complete and % of trail completion.

Also, # of badges completed within a given time frame would be good to help track contest completion. Like the current October Trailhead give-away. Earn the AI or IoT badge before 10/10 to win. Maybe this is something the formula based ranking could do?

Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
John - The app is now in Auto Update mode. Every hour values are updated. Probably overkill. I'm working on test coverage right now. As soon as I get 75%, I'm going to see about publishing it so folks can use it in their own org's to keep track of stuff. I'll look at % down the road.

Trail Completion topic:
The profiles do keep track of In Progress modules, so the data is there.

Anyways, enjoy!

John Lay 9John Lay 9
Looks good. Yeah, 1 hour is probably over kill for most of the time, but when folks are in rapid fire mode, like during Dreamforce or Trailheadathons, I'm sure the hourly update will be appreciated.

Having this published will be great.  When published do you see having a way to configure the list of trailhead users? Maybe all users in the org? But I have two accounts and run my trailhead in a non-production org account, so maybe something like a custom field on user to hold my trailhead user (name or id) would be nice.

Any way, you've done great work. Thanks.

Stuart Edeal.Stuart Edeal.


Thanks for the site - it is looking great.   

One question though - not sure if it is an issue with my account or with the site itself.   I have 3 Superbadges, however on your list it shows me with only 1.   The total number of badges is correct, however (149) and the total points are also correct.  

so i am not sure where it got off track.   again, maybe something is funky on my trailhead account?  

anyway not sure.   thanks for your work. 

Stuart Edeal 

Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Stuart - Yes, something is amiss. The way I track down the badges shows you have 3 Superbadges Completed and 2 In Process Superbadges.
But, LEX shows up in both!
I figure all of this stuff out by looking at the source of the profile page. Check out this source page:

and look under the "In Process Superbadges" and "Superbadges" sections.

In Process shows 2 and Superbadges show 3. That is really weird
Completed is Reports, LEX and Security
In Process shows Apex and LEX

I'll look into this. The code to figure this part out was complicated. 

Thanks for pointing this out.

Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Stuart - I made a small change and it seems to have taken care of this.
I'll keep my eyes on this for a while. I saw an thread about the badge count being off for someone the other day. The hidden In Process may have a similar issue, but that is a guess.

Thanks for your kind words! Let me know if you have any thoughts on enhacements. John L, mentioned %, completions, etc. 

Philip LimPhilip Lim
Thanks for sharing your leaderboard!
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
You are very welcome! It's for all to use.
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Just added a feature to display the Trailhead Rank based on the new SFDC Rankings.
You can also filter the list now by passing in a querystring

Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Looks like some Trailhead API tools are coming out. Stumbled across this tonight:

I tried to get my Profile, but it returned:
{"message":"Client not allowed : REMOTE_IP -\u003e [] IP -\u003e [] X-,"}

Trailhead API Test

Hi Michael Rucker, would it be possible for you to share the code for the leaderboard in your original post? We would like to roll out an internal leaderboard and yours looks perfect, thanks!
Johan KarlsteenJohan Karlsteen
Hi Davin,

Not sure if you've rolled your own leaderboard already but if not I've created an internal Trailhead leaderboard for my collegues and I'm hoping to have time to clean it up and open source it if anyone is interested? It's written in Python and it's running in Google App Engine (free since it doesn't consume a lot of resources).

The leaderboard can be found here: (" target="_blank)
I have a Slack integration too that posts to an internal Slack channel when someone finishes a badge or a certification.

At the moment I haven't had the time to clean it up properly but if there is an interest I would be happy to see more people encouraging some friendly competition using a leaderboard.

Vineet JobanputraVineet Jobanputra
@Johan.  If you would be able to open source this it would be great!  I'm want to create an internal trailhead leaderboard for my team, and would love to leverage the good work you have already done, thanks!
Johan KarlsteenJohan Karlsteen
@Vineet I'll have a look at it, talked to some other people the other day who was also looking for a leaderboard. Cheers
Ekaterina GetaEkaterina Geta
Hello @Michael,

Thanks a lot for the leadersboard it looks awesome !

I haven't been able ot find detailed information on the Comm Badges or 1st Ascend Flags. I wans't able to find the indication anywhere in the Trainhead profile. 

What those are exactly? 
How do they assign 1st Ascent flags - I got several challenges from the 1st go for the last 2 superbadges but it says 0 in the board. Do you have to get all the challneges in a suparbadge in order to get it?

Thx a lot
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker

I just looked at your SB's on your profile. None of the images has the 1st Ascent Flag on them.
I did a print of what 1st ascent looks like for one TrailBlazer. Notice the little flag on the bottom of the some of the images.
User-added image

Yours don't have any. From what I understand, you need to get ALL challenge right on the first pass to get a 1st ascent.

User-added image

Community Badges are other badges you get at events or when SF rolls out something new. They come and then disappear I think.
Maybe someone else can chime in on the community badge topic.
Thanks for using the LB!
Johan KarlsteenJohan Karlsteen
Hi Michael,

I have had the same problem with one Super Badge, if you look at my screen shot you can see that no image is loaded at all and the HTML code suggests that someone somewhere should update the image.
No Super Badge image showing

Do you have any idea what couses this?

This is my Trailhead profile:

Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Yeah, that's weird. I see that once in a while. That is a SF thing. Probably making changes to the images.
Ekaterina GetaEkaterina Geta
Thank you Michael, It's clearer now :)
Johan KarlsteenJohan Karlsteen
@Vineet: I have created a more public version of our leaderboard. You can set up individual users and also companies to get your own leaderboard. It's currently in some kind of beta stage.

If anyone is interested in trying it out just contact me via any of the networks listen on my profile.

Vineet JobanputraVineet Jobanputra
@Johan - fantastic... I'd love to be part of the beta!  I've sent you a message on facebook.
Kumara Murali 34Kumara Murali 34
@Johan: I am looking for a leadeship similar to yours. I need to filter the profiles based on the Company and fetch their badges, points and superbadges.
I have written a Python program, which extracts the data from the profile of individual users and uploads the data on to an excel sheet. But it is too slow when I try to extract many profiles.
Since I am new to salesforce, I am not aware the API used to extract the data from trailhead profiles. It would be wonderful if you could share your leadership boards so that I could use it for my project.

thank you
Johan KarlsteenJohan Karlsteen
@Kumara: I think we're past the beta phase now so please feel free to try my tool out for yourself. You can set up your company on it and add your users and with a single click you'll be able to retrieve a CSV file containing all the badges your users have taken. If you want to, you can hide the leaderboard so that only specific users (with Google accounts) can access the leaderboard.

You can find it here:

The help page should help you get started:
Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help or have any ideas for improving the tool.

Kumara Murali 34Kumara Murali 34
@Johan: Thanks for your quick reply Johan. Your dashboard is wonderful.
I tried adding couple of company names but could not get any details. Does it take time to pull the date?
Your dashboard is very useful to me.
But here is the challenge I am facing. I am part of a Team called “Salesforce Academic Program: Trailhead for Students”. We signup with colleges and Universities in India and conduct workshops and trainings on Salesforce. Thus creating awareness on salesforce among the academic community. We encourage them to learn salesforce through trailhead.
We are planning for a competition for a large group of students from multiple colleges here in India. We are expecting around 10000 Students participating. Students would have to signup on trailhead and do trails as much they could in a single day.
We have a challenge of tracking the progress of these students based on their College Name (Company Name) and generate a report real-time.
We need to filter the students based on their college, with a summary of total badges and points earned. And then export the data into excel sheet.
I need a dashboard to achieve this. I would also like to see a Pie chart or a donut chart showing the total number of badges/points earned by each college(Company).
I am able to do to some extent using Python, but it is too slow in pulling the data and I could not create a dashboard like yours. So, I need your help. Could you please help me?

Thank you,
Kumara Murali 34Kumara Murali 34
@Johan: I understood that, I need to manually add the profile IDs into my company list. But there are more than 50 ids, can we do a bulkupload of profile ids using an excel sheet.
Johan KarlsteenJohan Karlsteen
@Kumara, I've sent you a request on LinkedIn so we can continue the discussion.
Ronty AhmadRonty Ahmad
@Michael Rucker

Your dashboard is wonderful.
I am trying to do similler thing for an small non profit org. but  I am unable to connect.
I am not sure where i can get X-api-key and authorizaiton code.

User-added image

I have tryed using  Conneciton app (Consumer Key and Consumer Secre) in dev org but it showing me { "message": "REMOTE_IP -> [] IP -> [] X-,", "errorCode": "CLIENT_NOT_ALLOWED" } Error
User-added image

I can see you have same issue before.  how you fixed this

Thanks Ronty
What's happened to "yet another leaderboard"?  Not reachable today ... nor are some other leaderboards.  I'm prompted to log in when trying   earlier it just failed.  
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
It was moved from NA35 to NA96 on the 11/18/2018 refresh - nothing I did :(
The link is now (notice na96 and not na35)

Not sure why/how that happened. I submitted a case, but no one would help me understand the switch.
Thank you, sir. #517 it is... this week. Glad it is still up and running.
Jack Martin 13Jack Martin 13
Jack Martin 13Jack Martin 13
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