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Trailhead Project: Improve Data Quality for a Cleaning Supply App / (2) Create a Formula Field

Issue: Followed steps as per - Create a Formula but unable to complete the challenge
Error: Step not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Formula in custom field 'Account Annual Revenue' is not correct. Check the instructions.

Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


I'm attempting to create a SOQL query (to merge data via Conga).  Specificically, I would like to retrieve records from the object "ContentVersions" as they relate to Files (ContentDocument) attached to a custom object called (Transmittal).  I am retireving them from Transmittal. I have written the following:
SELECT v.Title, v.FileType
FROM ContentVersion v
WHERE ContentDocumentId in
(Select j.ContentDocumentId From ContentDocumentLink j
Where j.LinkedEntityId = '{pv0}')

My query returns the following error, "Entity 'ContentDocumentLink' is not supported for semi join inner selects".

The sturcture, as I understand it is:
ContentDocumentLink (creates a m to m relationship between the Linked Entity (here Transmittal) and ContentDocument.
Content Versions

I have reviewed the Content Object schema.

Is the query incorrect, or is it not supported?  If not what is a work-around? (Sorry I'm an amateur).

Thank for your help.
I'm having all sorts of problems trying to complete the challenge for the sharing rules section of this module. I feel like I have everything setup properly but still get this error message:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The Sharing Set is not setup with proper Case access. Please check the requirements.

Sharing set name is "Share cases with customers"
Applies to Profiles: Customer Community User
Access Granted: Case - User:Account = Case:Account - Read/Write

What am I missing

Into the Apex Integration Services module, happily, I began.

In the Apex Web Services unit, blissfully, I continued.

At the Retrieve Data with a Custom GET Method section, without incident, I arrived.

Into the Retrieve Data Using cURL sub-section, with rapt anticipation, I delved.

The cURL command line tool, dutifully, I installed.

Session ID: 00D36000000KIKL, 
Reccord ID: 50036000003Sv7IAAS
Instance: appliedconcepts-dev-ed.my

I saved.

'curl https://appliedconcepts-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/services/apexrest/Cases/50036000003Sv7IAAS -H "Authorization: Bearer 00D36000000KIKL" -H "X-PrettyPrint:1"'

cURL command, diligently, I constructed.

A Windows command prompt, quickly, I opened.

"[ {
  "message" : "Session expired or invalid",
  "errorCode" : "INVALID_SESSION_ID"
} ]"

error message, sadly, I encountered.

More on cURL from the Resources section, with mounting trepidation, I perused.

At a dead-end, afterward, I am.

About what has going wrong, perplexed, I wonder.

At the foot of the Salesforce masters, humbly, now, I bow.

Challenge Question 1 in Navigating Lightning Experience and Setup  won't work... keeps telling me it's wrong, have selected each answer in 4 sperate challenge submissions. So, who needs to know and fix it. Can't complete the badge with this problem.

I can't get past this error message using an class generated from a WSDL. There's one or two threads that touch on this but nothing helpful. What does this message mean?


Web service callout failed: Failed to get next element

Error is in expression '{!doWSDLCallout}' in component <apex:page> in page simplewscallout
From debug log:

14:06:51.976 (976692000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[99]|WebServiceCallout.invoke(APEX_OBJECT, APEX_OBJECT, MAP, LIST)
14:06:51.982 (982105000)|CALLOUT_REQUEST|[99]|searchReqType:[apex_schema_type_info=(http://xxx.xxx.com:7502/services/salesforce/service, true, false), clientId=, clientId_type_info=(clientId, http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema, string, 1, 1, false), clientTransactionId=, clientTransactionId_type_info=(clientTransactionId, http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema, string, 0, 1, false), field_order_type_info=(clientId, clientTransactionId, searchKey, ), =Type:[apex_schema_type_info=(http://www.xxx.com/services/salesforce/service_v1.0, true, false), field_order_type_info=(prescriber), prescriber=null, prescriber_type_info=(prescriber, http://www.xxx.com/services/salesforce/service_v1.0, prescriberType, 1, -1, false)], _type_info=(, http://xxx.xxx.com:7502/services/salesforce/service, Type, 1, 1, false), searchKey=, searchKey_type_info=(searchKey, http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema, string, 1, 1, false)]::SFDC_STACK_DEPTH=1 SOAPAction="http://xxx.xxx.com:7502/services/salesforce/service" User-Agent=SFDC-Callout/25.0 Accept=text/xml Content-Type=text/xml; charset=UTF-8
14:06:52.050 (1050268000)|EXCEPTION_THROWN|[99]|System.CalloutException: Web service callout failed: Failed to get next element

I have to work in Metadata API to customize my salesforce org through Apex.


I have generated WSDL for Metadata API as well as Enterprise

but when I am generating apex code for these WSDL it is showing errors to both the files

1. Enterprise WSDL - Apex Generation FailedUnsupported schema type: {http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}anyType

2. MetaData API- "Apex Generation Failed Class name 'Metadata' already in use. Please edit WSDL to remove repeated names"  


For Enterprise error changing anyType to string couldn't solve my error.


Please assist me if any one have any idea to get rid of this issue.


Thanks in advance.



Tushar Seth


 I get the following Error when i try to save this


Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: 'List' at line 4 column 4



public class createoriginalfcst {

    public static List<SMART_Product__c>ActiveSKUs  {
    List<SMART_Product__c>ActiveSKUs=[SELECT Name FROM SMART_Product__c WHERE Product_Status__c='Active']





Kindly help