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I'm trying to complete the exercise for "Monitor and Manage Salesforce1 Usage" but Salesforce1 for Android or Salesforce1 for iOS is not available under Connected Apps OAuth Usage.  Any idea why??User-added image

I created my trailhead account using my LinkedIn account, whenever I complete badges, it's not giving me this message:
User-added image\

Instead it's giving me only half of this popup (the left half) and won't give me the option to add to my LinkedIn profile.
My account is linked with linkedin as well:

User-added image

I've spent at least 2 hours trying to work this out. Please help!
The challenge says to block all users for either Salesforce1 for iOS app or the Salesforce1 for Android app.  However, neither is showing under Connected Apps OAuth Usage.  I see them both in Connected apps but see no way to move them.