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We want to implement push notification functionality in iOS app with Salesforce backend. The problem is that now we are using zkSForce instead odf Salesforce SDK (this was done to ensure a smooth, unfragmented login process within the app) but it seems that for push notifications it is requred to use Salesforce SDK. Is there any workaround for this? Is it possible to implement push notifications without SF SDK? 

I am receiving and Internal Server Error when accessing the external data for invoices. 
Internal Server Error

My project is created correctly. When I change the Status of the Project to Billable, the invoices related list appears and the status is changed to Billed. The invoices related list only shows the same error text as above.

User-added image

I found a knowledge article that indicates that this may be a external server issue.


I have been working on this error for sa couple of days now and do not have any idea how to proceed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you