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I have enabled salesforce to salesforce settings and successfully established a connection with another Org. While sharing the records i'm unable to map Lookup fields. No related option is displaying for look up fields at Receivers end.Is there any way to map it?

I need to add a small change to the code in production, I know it is not possible via UI, but I read in the documentation that it can be done via either deploy or forceIDE. My thing against deploying is we have lot of tests, and these minor changes come in frequently. So deploying for every minor change takes a lot of time.


When doing via forceIDE, can I just modify the code in the IDE's editor and right click the class-> "save to server" ? or do I have "deploy to server" even with forceIDE?


Any help with be appreciated.





Is there anyway to check if a custom field and custom object is exist in an salesforce.com instance?
Is it possible to use Metadata WSDL for this?

I understand I can use partner wsdl using query and if a field / object is not exist will throw error, but i think this is not elegance.
Please advise and thanks.