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hello I am tryogn to mkae the record# as the link to the record detail page from VF.Please help:
Below is the part of VF page for that section:
i am tryign to make putReservation as a link:

<apex:pageBlockSection title="Conference Room Reservation" columns="1">
             <tr><td id='firsrTD'> <span class='firstSpan'>Reservation #: </span></td><td><span id='putReservation'></span></td></tr>
             <tr><td>  <span class='firstSpan'>Meeting Title: </span></td><td><span id='putTitle'></span></td></tr>
             <tr><td>  <span class='firstSpan'>Reservation status: </span> </td><td> <span id='putStatus'> </span></td></tr>
Hello,I am trying to make the Reservation number which shows up in the pop up in the Calendar reservation  a hyperlink,so when the user clicks on the reservation the window pops up and the they can click on the Reservation number in the pop up window and it takes them to the record.TIA