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I see that there is a similar question here: https://developer.salesforce.com/forums?state=id#!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_SEARCH_RESULT&id=906F0000000ArVTIA0
But it doesn't look like it was ever properly addressed.
It also looks like the interface for the back-end has changed a decent amount since then.

I found a good guide for starting PHP development:

But I can't figure out how to enable the API on my account nor how to retrieve the security token.

I have one requirement in which i want to push data from wordpress page to salesforce object.

In Example,

I have one registration page in wordpress and when i hit save, the data of registration form needs to be save as salesforce custom object record.

Is it possible to achieve ?

I want to  link salesforce account with online forms to update account information in real time.


For This I want to,


Develop PHP component capable of communicating with Salesforce and pulling down address data.


Develop a WordPress plugin that can be easily configured with salesforce login information, a schedule of when a sync should automatically happen, and a button to "manually sync."


 Please Can Anyone help on this?