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Hi, I recently started learning salesforce, thereforeI am a complete beginner. So I started using the trailheads. I had a problem already with the first challenge. I need to amend a contact field. When I go to the object manager, then fields, then I click new and I get a blank page in the object manager window and I cant do anything. I tried refreshing it many times but nothing changes. I noticed that I get many of these blank windows. I am so far quite frustrated but I dont want to give up quickly. Thanks for your help. 
Below is my code for the trigger for  duplicate prevention on the account . It works well, but if I have 50k records this impacts scalability and not feasible.
So please any one can help to code in better way.
thanks in advance.
trigger AccountDuplicate on Account (before insert) {
 List<Account> dup = new List<Account>();
 dup = [Select id, Name from Account];
 for(Account a:Trigger.New){
 for(Account a1:dup){
 a.Name.addError('Name already Exist ');