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Hi, I'd like to ask how can I fetch all files attached to a Case object. I'm using Lightning mode.

I don't seem to find where exactly ContentVersion, ContentDocument and ContentDocumentLink are somehow relates to Case object.

I'm looking for a way to locate and download all attachments based on a query where my input is Case number or case ID

Thanks in advance

Hi Team, 

I am facing issue "portal users cannot own partner accounts" but actually i am using customer portal and when i am creating a new contact record in customer portal geting this error.
I build the lightning page and in the page i have the create contact botton once i save the rec it showing the error message below is the screen shot for reference.

User-added image
We have 2 profile for eg. ABC and XYZ which are of Customer community plus License. I want to create a contact from a custom object[It has a lookup to contact] from profile ABC using standard oob functionality in the community template - Customer Account Portal Template.

I am getting this error. Is there any way to avoid it.

Any help would be much appreciated
  • January 18, 2019
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While creating a contact from Napili community I am not able to assign account to this new contact.
When I checked the debug logs I found that I am getting this error 'portal users cannot own partner accounts'.

So can anyone help me how to resolve this error
How can I create a contact in community where account should always be the account of the community's user (who is creating the contact)
Hello, our organization has many E2C (email to case), so i'm trying to create a email tab to see all the emails.
I created an apex page with this code:

<apex:page >
   <apex:enhancedList type="EmailMessage" height="600" />

After that, I created a Visual Force tab. But, the solution didn't work.
Can you help us?

I am trying to create a Contact via a portal user on Force.com Sites, but it's giving me this error. Can anyone tell me why this error is occurring and how to fix the problem?


System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION, portal users cannot own partner accounts: []



I also get an error when I try to save the Account of the portal user normally through Salesforce:


Cannot Assign Portal Account or Contact to Portal User
You cannot assign a Portal Account or Contact to a Portal user. Please choose a different user.


But I do not get any error creating the contact through Salesforce itself.

Here is the code I am using:



Contact p = new Contact();

p.FirstName = FirstName;
p.LastName = LastName;
p.Email = 'xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com';
p.AccountId = core.getUserAccount().Id; // This custom global method gets the account id (successfully)

try {
insert p;
}catch(DMLException e){
core.message.add(String.valueOf(e), 'error');




Thanks in advance
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