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Hi all,


From what I can tell, the difference between and organization user login and a customer portal login via the API is ...


- The organization user must have a security token appended to the password value

- The customer portal user needs to supply organizationID and portalID values in the LoginScopeHeader


I cannot determine any way to supply those header values using the Office Toolkit library though, so is it simply not possible to log in as a customer portal user via the Office Toolkit?


As an experiment, I did try using the SetSoapHeader function to set those headers, but the login was not successful.  I tried it using "LoginScopeHeader" as the section argument and also using "LoginScope" as the section argument.


If the Office Toolkit can't do this job, then does anyone have a recommendation regarding the easiest alternative means of accessing the WS API from VBA and legacy VB6 code?




- Steve J.

  • March 29, 2010
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