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I would like to integrate Microsoft power BI with Salesforce but before that, I would like to know about the data flow with both the tool. 

If I authenticate the BI tool, will team using power BI also have the ability to update the Salesforce data as the authentication will be done from Admin credentials?

Can someone please share some articles/documentation about the integration of BI with Salesforce and how it will affect the data within the salesforce?
Hi All 

I would like to backup the following : 
1. Saleforce data
2. Attachements 
3. Apex codes and Visualforce page 

Currently, I do Salesforce data backup and attachment in monthly, I use Schedule Data Export and some time I do it manually by using data load for each object. But the storage that I have now it keeps increasing. So, is there a way to make automated backup in monthly for this kind of back up and we can keep it in the cloud? 

And a part from this I would like to do versioning for Apex and Visualforce page, currently I use Eclipse for my version control but I can use on my pc only. I want the team to access this version control too. I am not sure if Eclipse can do something like sharing with team. So, it would be great if you guys can share me some ideas regarding this.

Nutthawan P

HI All,

please any one help me

I am a new for Migration process, please how to do migration ,what is the first step to start the process , before going to first step anything i need to understand ,  please help me and share any documents or pdf

On a nightly basis we’re uploading contacts, financial accounts, holdings, etc. into SalesForce from our brokerage platform with the aid of DBAmp (a data integration tool between SalesForce and SQL Server). This process is working fairly well but as we continue to grow we’re noticing that it’s taking longer and longer for this process to complete. Furthermore, the most recent upload of holdings took over 2 hours to load into SalesForce (approx. 620,000 rows).

Does anyone have any suggestions of a more efficient way of loading data in Salesforce or maybe some information on some other third-party vendors that could help us?

I appreciate any guidance you can provide, thanks!



I am looking for a better way i could transfer leads on a Bulk basis.

I know that salesforce gives us a tool, "Transfer Leads" which does 250 Lead transfers at a time.

But suppose i have 5000 leads to be transferred, you need to do transfer 20 times (5000/250=20) using the tool.


I thought of using Data Loader, as an alternative.I can submit the change as an update and data loader does it in 200 records per batch.

But the next challenge would be how do i populate new Owner ID into the CSV File.(doing 5000 times manually...not worthy).


Looking for a better way or solution to the problem.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.


Many Thanks in Advance,







Hi all,

          Is it possible to insert the fields from salesforce to mysql.if so can anyone guide me with the possibilities.






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