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Hey all,
I am new to Salesforce, so my apologies if there is a lack of detail or proper verbiage below, but hoping someone can assist.

I am looking to hide some fields from the creation modal of my opportunities. The fields are set to auto-populate once the Opportunity is created, but it is for a separate business unit. I need to hide a complete section during the creation step.

The flow should result in the following:

"New Opportunity" -> Section Hidden

" Inquiry Stage (after creation) and all stages after" -> Section Visible

Would appreciate any help on this, as I am not sure how to edit what fields are visible in the new opportunity create modal when creating a new opportunity.


Hi All,

We have a number formula field which holds a Case function and the current compiled size is 9,788 characters and to add anyting else to it, we have to delete existing values. We need to continue to add to this, so what is the best way to do that?


Can anyone please suggest to me how to achieve the Salesforce CI to retrieve the metadata from one org and deploy in another org.
The below IF statement is giving a syntax error "Missing )". Not sure which ) is missing. Thisis to calculate the discount amount based on the contract term.

IF( Opportunity_Name__r.Committed_Term_Months__c = 12,(((149 - Sales_Price__c)* Users__c)*12),
 IF( Opportunity_Name__r.Committed_Term_Months__c = 24, (((149 -Sales_Price__c)* Users__c)*24),
  IF( Opportunity_Name__r.Committed_Term_Months__c = 48, (((149 - Sales_Price__c)* Users__c)*48), (((149 - Sales_Price__c)* Users__c)*36),
I am unable to generate custom PDF by clicking on custom button. Is there any way to do that, kinldy help.