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I'm looking for a salesforce partner that has experience in cloning salesforce instances. Currently, we have 1 organization with 3 users. We want to split the organization into 3 different organizations and one user per organization but maintain all custom objects, fields etc. 

The manner in which we would decide which Data goes with which organization is easy enough as we have an ownerid to tie the object/contact/account/company to the user. 

I would consider doing this myself but unsure of the process. 

Any ideas/suggestions?

I have been directed here for some help from Answers 

I am looking for help creating a button that sits in the list view of both Accounts and Contacts that allows me to change owner on both objects simultaneously regardless of the object list view I in. 

I have been advised I need to write a VF page but I'm afraid I am not a developer. 

Can anyone help or who use such a function? Appreciate in advance. 


Hi All.

Could you please help us to find a solution for our issue?

We need to set a custom URL for our SF Community (not a Force.com site). To do that we performed the following steps:
- registered a custom domain (www.mycompany.com) using the GoDaddy service and added a necessary CNAME there to point this URL to our SF community.
- added a domain for this URL in Salesforce.
- created a Custom URL in Salesforce to point this domain to the community.

Now, if we enter a custom URL in a browser (www.mycompany.com), then it correctly redirects us to the Salesforce community. And it's exactly what we want, except one thing: in address bar of a browser we still see old URL: XXX.force.com.

So, Is it possible to configure this custom URL so that we could see "www.mycompany.com" in an address bar? What should we pay attention for to implement this behavior?

Thank you. Gennadiy.

p.s. One of our assumptions is that we should do something more with CA-certificate and SSL-certificate. If anyone knows more whether they affect on the described problem or not, please push us in a right direction.
I keep getting the following error when trying to check my challenge on "Routing Records with Approvals" on Admin Trail - Intermediate.

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The process did not set the correct Type value on submitting for approval

User-added image

I'm not sure why it isn't approving.  Please help!

User-added image
User-added image
User-added image
User-added image

These boards have numerous threads about sending emails from s-controls.  Having just wrestled with a variant of the problem for a customer, I thought I'd post the solution I used, which (now!) seems fairly straightforward (although it took some bobbing & weaving to get here).

Problem Statement
:  With one click, allow a user to create an object, then send a template-based email to a Contact associated with that object.  The email template must populate with correct values from the just-created object.

Solution:  Save the following code as an s-control snippet.  Then include the snippet, and call the function from anywhere in your main s-control.  (I won't cover the part about creating a new object here - let's assume you can do that, and then retrieve the object ID of your newly created object.)

function sendEmail(templateId, contactIdForToAddress, relatedObjectId) {

  var url = "https://na3.salesforce.com/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?";
  url += "p2_lkid=" + contactIdForToAddress;
  url += "&p3_lkid=" + relatedObjectId;
  url += "&template_id=" + templateId;
  url += "&new_template=1";
  url += "&retURL=%2F" + relatedObjectId;
  url += "&nosave=0";   // not sure what this parameter does, or if it's really needed
  url += "&save=1";   // send it now - don't just bring us to the "send email" page


The net effect here is that a new window (actually, a tab in Firefox) will open up, pointing at the newly created object.  If it has an Activity History related list, the just-sent email will appear there. 

This all worked rather elegantly for me.  The actual use case is a Google Map showing the location of various Communities (a custom object).  The user can select several Communities (from a sidebar with a list of accounts & checkboxes), then click a single button to create "Referrals" (a custom object) to each selected Community, and email each Community's primary contact with their Referral data.  After the click, the user waits a moment, and then multiple tabs open up, one for each newly-created Referral.

I'm happy to discuss further if anyone is interested or needs help doing something similar - glenn@appirio.com.

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Message Edited by GlennAtAppirio on 02-18-2007 01:05 PM