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I achieved ranger rank and completed the route to ranger quest trailhead challenge (August 2023). I would appreciate it if you could please deliver my hoodie.

Email : saishanmukh9@gmail.com
I want to calculate Roll up summary for Closed Won Opportunities for the current year. How do achieve this?

I would be very appreciate if you help me.

Where stores Chatter Stream? I mean in which object. I need to catch when Chatter Stream is created.

How to provide visibility to records for users based on field criteria? My demand is: When I have some specific object Files with some specific products the users that are contacts in this accounts that has this products will see this register of Files. Like:
- I create a register on the object File with the field product fill with 'B'';
- The account with some specific record type also has the field product fill with 'B' and 'C';
- Because of that, the contacts (that are user in the community) present on this account will have access to the object File, because of the it's contains 'B'.

How to reach this solution? I think about a trigger on the object File that will check the accounts that contains the same product, and then, create a sharing rule for that, but I don`t know if is the best option and also, because of the limit of 300. It`s that any other way?
I have approval process setup based on roles and profiles. Now my partner wants only Smith's(one user's) approval to go to Jenna(his manager). Can we put criteria on approval process based on users? If i were to change Smith's Role and Profile, But still give him same access as he currently has. How do i make this happen?