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Second Option: The COGS Account should be correctly configured.
To prevent the inaccurate COGS issue in QuickBooks, the costs of the goods and preferences sold should be properly configured. Users must choose the Item List and select the correct COGS account for each item if the account has been set up incorrectly.

Third Option: Remove the changes that caused the issue.
The user must first launch QuickBooks POS in order to check for any errors. Observe the guidelines below:

Customize Columns can be selected by right-clicking any column heading.
Choose Inventory next, then Quantity Adjustment History, after that.
After adding Diff Cost to the list of choosen columns, enter the erroneous amount in the Diff Cost column and modify the quantity as needed.
Click the Save button now.


Quickbooks enterprise helpline number 📞 1(844)-207-6203 customer support The user must then double-click the amended entry, choose I wish to, and then select Check it.
By selecting to view the Financial History, similar processes can be taken to verify the cost modifications. The next step is to open it in QuickBooks. Finally, choose the Cost Adjustment History after selecting the Inventory.
The user can reverse any incorrect or wrong changes by selecting I wish to, then selecting Reverse Memo from the Qty adjustment or Cost adjustment history.

The fourth option is to look for deleted transactions.
To determine whether the withdrawn transactions are to blame for the Incorrect COGS issue, the user should review them. The actions below should be followed in order to accomplish it.


Quickbooks *HeLpLIne Number”|”+1~ [844] ☛ 207* 6203

The user must first go to QuickBooks POS's Sales History area.
Therefore, I think that choice should be picked here.
Then select the option to display financial details.
If the financial data is transmitted to QuickBooks If the status indicates success but there is no way to open the file in QuickBooks, the entry has probably been deleted.
The user should choose to resend the document accessible under the next Financial Exchange option if QuickBooks does not already have the receipt.
If any receipts have a Not sent status and the option to Mark this document as successfully sent is selected, the next step is to deselect the sent tick.
Hit on Ok as your final conclusion.

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Potential car buyers working on car company can make offer on multiple cars that are listed with the car Company. Offer amount can be modified; however the car that has the offer cannot be modified after the offer is placed?

What should be done to associated offer with car in the schema for organization?

1 - create lookup with offer to car custom object
2-  create master detail with offer to car custom object
3-  create lookup with car to offer custom object
4-  create master detail in contact object to both car and offer custom object.

Hello everyone,

The SalesForce REST API doc is unclear about the usage of APIs to insert and update records in OpportunityLineItem. The standard fields in OLI include OpportunityId and Product2Id both of which I'm populating by retrieving the appropriate SalesForce IDs. I receive this error: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY when I try to insert a record at this URI: /sobjects/OpportunityLineItem/.

Going through the flow: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.api.meta/api/sforce_api_erd_products.htm#topic-title, I'm assuming this (and also the cross-reference error) means that there is no direct relationship between OLI and Products.

Firstly, why is there a Product2Id field if the relationship doesn't exist?
Secondly, is the URI I'm using incorrect? If so, what is the correct one?
Thirdly, can this problem be solved using APIs at all?

Maybe I'm going about this in a completely inefficient manner. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Where can I find information regarding computer use for Programming assignment. 
I need to know  the computer / camera requirement for  the programming assignment.

What are the Biometric requirements for doing assignment? Do I need external camera? 
Do I have to use same laptop/computer throughout assignment?
Is IDE allowed to use?

I couldn't find answer to this question on FAQ or even reply fo the open case.


Hi there,


I am new to apex and was wondering if someone would be able to help me out by providing some example code on how I would write an apex trigger which sets the value of a lookup field based on identical values in a picklist.


Any help would be much appreciated,



(Apex Rookie)