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Similar questions are raised in many threats but the solutions proposed do not fit my case. I have got a simple SOQL: 

Select WorkOrder.Id from TimeSheetEntry where WorkOrder.Id in (Select Id from WorkOrder Where...)

The error is The left operand 'WorkOrder.Id' cannot have more than one level of relationships. 

If I provide hardcoded Orders it works, so the relationship exists and is referred to properly as I understand. How to use the subquery?
I've used the new HTTP callout action in Flow with an External Credential and I have access to the first layer of returned JSON, but I only see blank values for the nested array values. In the debug, I see that the array values are being returned, and I can see the Apex-Defined variable in a collection, but I am only seeing blank values in Flow. 

can we implement web-to-lead concept on other object,


Like  web-to-Account, web-to-Contact  and web-to-Custom object......??????


please help me.....


  • July 28, 2013
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