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When was email validation implemented?

I am currently extracting data from one SFDC instance and inserting into a new instance, and running into the problem with funky/incorrect email addresses.
My thought is that it can only have gotten into SFDC while email validation was not implemented.
How was the email field handled after the validation proceess came into play?

We use the Print Anything appexchange product to render complex quotes in html.  My users currently print to a pdf, save locally, return to the quote they launch the print from and attach the local file.  We would like to accomplish all of that from the browser with one click.
Has anyone seen or created a solution to do this?
- Thanks!
We just set up a Developer Edition account and noticed that it does not have campaign support in it. Does Developer Edition no longer include campaigns?

I'm using Data Loader 11.0 from the command line. Is there a proper escape sequence for "@" characters within SQL statements to keep Data Loader from interpreting them as variables?

For example:

SELECT 'eblazer@somewhere.com' AS emailaddress, accountid FROM contacts

The above is perfectly valid SQL, however Data Loader encounters the "@" symbol and does something to break the SQL and a JDBC exception is thrown.

As a temporary work around, i've been changing the SQL as follows:

SELECT 'eblazer' + char(64) + 'somewhere.com' AS emailaddress, accountid FROM contacts


When I try to create a custom object called "Payment" I get the following error :

Error: The custom object name you specified matches a Salesforce name. You must specify a unique name

However, I cannot find this "Payment" object

1) In the help pages  on the site
2) In any of the Data Model diagrams in the API documentation
3) In the list of API Objects in the API documentation

Where is this object?