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Hello, I have a team I support internally that is looking for two separate reports - both of which are giving me fits.


The first one is a report that shows them how long each opportunity takes to go from a Stage of Proposal to Closed Won.  They have about five stages, but I need a way to determine when it's set to Proposal and then a way to subtract that date from the date it gets set to Closed Won and be able to report on the difference (in days).


The second one is a bit more complex.  They want to do an eight week rolling average of their pipeline so they want a report that shows all created opportunities for the current week divided by the average amount of dollars in the pipeline over the past 8 weeks.  The graph would show a total of 8 weeks (current and last 7) with a point for each week showing that week divided by the 8 week average.  Not sure if this makes sense the way I've explained it, but the main issue I'm having is even reporting on 8 weeks (SFDC doesn't give you the ability to say "current and last 7 weeks" - it's current and previous or current and next - you can't select the timeframe).


Let me know if you have any ideas.  I hate to tell them it can't be done, but I'm really struggling trying to find a solution.





I'm trying to ensure that all of my org's Opportunities have a "Primary Contact" identified.  Is there a validation rule I can use to ensure that a contact has been marked as Primary on the opportunity before it's saved?


Let me know.




I've had users report that the probability percent is not auto-populating in opportunity when you select a stage in Spring 10 Release.


It appears there are Javascript errors on page load thus preventing Javascript from populating the probability percent upon stage select box option selection. 


It looks like Opportunity Edit is not working in IE7 and is working in Firefox 2 and IE8.  I don't know about Safari or IE6.