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I have a question regarding encrypted fields perhaps someone can help with.  Will a field that is encrypted be copied to a sandbox or does it get cleared out? 
  • March 13, 2009
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I have created a customer portal in my developer account.
When I am logged in as the Contact from the account, I click on the Account tab and I get an Insufficient Priviledges message.
I am using the standard Customer Portal Profile and I cannot understand why this is happening.
Any suggestions????
Thanks in advance
    Need your help.
    After installing Eclipse3.3.2 + Force.com IDE,
    (1) I successfully create a Force.com project using my developer account
    (2) However, when I try to create my second Force.com project using my company's account
          (Salesforce Enterprise Edition), an error says:
                    Unable to create connection to Salesforce:
                    sObject type 'Project' is not suported
    What does it means ?
    How to solve it ?