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I've created a lookup field on the Case object called Current Owner.  While similar to attaching an Owner or Contact to the case, I want this field to pull from a custom object called Current Owner that is a pre-set list of users/owners that I want to choose from within the Current Owner case field.  However, I want the list to be filtered based on the Case record type that I'm creating.


For instance, by custom Current Owner object has Type and Name as the fields.  The Types are: Engineering and Testing.  The Record Types for my Cases are Engineering and Testing.  What I want to have happen is if I select Record Type Engineering when creating a Case, I want my Current Owner lookup to only select Names in the Current Owner custom object where Type = Engineering.


How can this be done? Thanks in advance.

Hi - hopefully a simple question.


I'm trying to create a custom button to send a template email to the lead.


I've found some relevant board posts but they all seem for more complicated uses - I'm simply looking for a button that would mimic the following:


Activity:Send An Email

Select Template

[template id]



Does that make sense?  I'm familiar with how to create buttons, I just can't figure out the syntax.