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I need to be able to import data from another system to salesforce on a regular basis.  This data will contain new account info along with new case info.  Is there a way to get both in without it being too painful?


My current though process is to import the accounts along with a unique id number, export that same data to get the account ID's, then import the cases matching based on the unique id number.


It seems drawn out so I wonder if anyone else has tackled this before.

  • May 19, 2010
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What is the purpose of IsDeleted system field in Salesforce.com?



Can you suggest me different and possible integration options between AS 400 and Salesforce.com




Does anyone know if there is some type of pre-built integration somewhere for Trac by edgewall and SFDC? I would really perfer to install something, but if someone knows the best way to go about setting up an integration between the two it would be very helpful as well.

I'm trying to use the Data Loader to extract data from SalesForce and insert it into a MySql table.  The DataLoader.jar has the drivers for oracle, so what's the best way of getting it to load in the mysql drivers?  I can manually force the drivers into the jar file, but that doesn't seem to be the best idea.  I can modify the process.bat to include the drivers in the classpath.  Is there a best practice for this? 



  • March 19, 2010
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When i have tried to login into force.com ide in eclipse environment i got one warning message


"Warning: Warning: forcecom require on organization with te meta data api enabled.API is not enabled for this organizatin or partner"


Please help me  to enable the meta data api.I dont know from where it should be enable.



Manoj Jain







I have to load data from SAlesforce.com to SQL server on daily basis.

I have used dataloader(using config files) connected to SQL server.

I have some date fields in extraction of SFDC which needs to be loaded to SQL server.


While loding am getting error has error sql:conversion from date and\or time to string converiosn.


I tried with the following values.


<entry key="DATEOFBIRTH"        value="java.lang.String"/>
<entry key="DATEOFBIRTH"        value="java.util.Date"/>


Please help in this.