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I have a query regarding URL Rewriter class if anyone could help me with that. I am very new to Apex classes and have not written Apex classes before. I have tried searching on the forum for help on URL Rewriter classes but most discussions give examples of URL Rewriter classes for CMSForce pages. I do not have CMSForce pages but standard Salesforce Apex pages.

What I want to do is to write a URL Rewriter class which will hide the Salesforce URL’s for my Customer portal pages and display some friendly URLs instead. I am using a Force.com site to login to my Customer Portal. I have overridden all my tabs with Apex pages. For example I have overridden my "Entitlements" tab. I have created a new tab called "My Entitlements" and overrid it with an Apex page so that when I click ‘My Entitlements” tab I get a list view of only my entitlements (I choose which list view to display). I did that so that I do not get the usual Recently viewed items list.


My entitlements tab has a URL as follows:

{Default Web Address for my Site}/apex/My_Entitlements?sfdc.tabName=01r20000000EyhR

(so i get the id for the list in the URL which I want to hide)


I want to use URL rewriter class to display it like this:

{Default Web Address for my Site}/My_Entitlements


Could you help me on this? Does anyone have some example apex class code that they could share?





  • December 06, 2010
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I have a custom object which has a Master-Detail relation to Opportunity. (i.e. Opportunity is Master and Custom Object is Detail).

When I created the Custom Object I had set this relation as a simple lookup relation. So I had an Opportunity lookup on my Custom Object. I could then add the custom object tab to my customer portal. (i.e. by making it visible on the Customer Portal profile that I have created).

When I change the relation to a Master-Detail relation as mentioned above The Custom Object tab is automatically switched off on my Customer Portal Profile. When I check the Customer Portal Settings for the selected tabs list I have the tab for the Custom Object in my selected tabs list.

When I then try to switch on the Custom Object tab on my Customer Portal Profile I get the following error:

"Error: Invalid Data

Review all error messages below to correct your data.
Permission Read Evaluation Licences depends on permission(s): Read Opportunities"


How do i change the permission on the Opportunities to Read? Am I missing something here?


Any advice is appreciated.



  • November 26, 2010
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Hello - fairly new at Portal so hopefully this is an easy answer but I can't seem to figure it out. I have my Site connected to a Customer Portal for authenticated login but I cannot figure out how to get the login page to redirect to the homepage of the Customer Portal which is not a VisualForce page - it's just plan old portal. Is there a way to easily do this? Am I just missing something? 

  • September 03, 2010
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I'm using Sites to authenticate and register new users. These users will be Customer Portal Users. I have been reading the Ron Hess article:  http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Authenticating_Users_on_Force.com_Sites


it's great info.


I have issues to land into the correct Customer Portal Home page. Do you know how to achieve this?


Thanks, Javier.