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I'm having an issue with the Outlook Connector seemingly randomly losing contact with SalesForce.com.  A user can be logged in and promoting emails and to SalesForce.com during the morning but when they go back to do more work after lunch they're unable to promote messages and receive an error stating "Failed to log in to SalesForce.com.  An error occurred while attempting to contact Salesforce.com" when testing authentication by clicking the "verify" button in Salesforce options.  I can then check our login history and there is no sign of that particular user trying to authenticate with salesforce.com for Outlook. 



The only thing that seems to resolve the issue is uninstalling the connector, deleting all salesforce folders from the local PC and deleteing any SalesForce.com registry entries.  This gets them back up and running again but the connecter will often fail again the next day.  We're using the latest version of the connector available.  Any help is appreciated.



Most of my users have the SF Outlook 2.0 edition installed and sync their emails, contacts and events all the time.  I just noticed that if I create an event in Outlook, set the reminder to 30 minutes notice, then click "Save and Mark for Sync", the outcome is that the event IS added to my Salesforce calendar.  However, I noticed that the event in Salesforce does not show the same 30-minute reminder nor is the reminder box even checked.   
Conversely, if I create the event in Salesforce and use a 30-minute reminder, when I sync my Outlook, that event is added to my Outlook calendar but at the default Salesforce.com setting of 15-minute reminder.  It would appear that there is no communication, whatsoever, between the Outlook reminder and the new reminder in SF.
If these pop-up reminders only work by setting the reminder manually or only creating the events in Salesforce first,  I don't see the advantage to anyone using Outlook.     Maybe this is being address in a future release of SF Outlook Edition ???