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I have been developing a Managed Package in Developer org.  Its been working great and we have it deployed to a number of production orgs.  When I went to add new compoents to the package today in the DEV org, I got the following error when I clicked on the package name:

User-added image

Anyone seen this before or know how to clear it?  When I click on each of the links, the items are references to managed packages themselves that are installed in the dev org and they can't be resaved.
I have an external website (non-Salesforce domain) where one of its page is exposing a Salesforce LEX public community page via iframe.

The community's setting "Clickjack Protection Level" is set to "Allow framing by any page", so the iframe response header "X-FRAME-OPTIONS" is set to "ALLOWALL".

The Salesforce public community page has an aura component that triggers a Salesforce flow.

This works fine in IE, but in Chrome because of the recent security change (SameSite by default cookies) it seems that cookie access (set or read) is disabled.

The iframe tag is ommiting the sandox attribute and in chrome after loading it throws the technical error:

"Please enable cookies in your browser to display this site."

The Salesforce standard cookie check is failing:

document.cookie = "cookieTest=x";
var cookieEnabled = document.cookie.indexOf("cookieTest=") != -1; document.cookie = "cookieTest=x; expires=Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT;";
if (!cookieEnabled) {
........ display error message to user
Has anyone faced the same issue or would know how to avoid this error message in chrome without changing the browser settings?

PS: I don't need any cross-origin cookie from the external website (exposing the community page via iframe)
Additionally, iframe would not be my first option but is an approach that was already agreed before I got involved and before changing approach I will have to discuss with the other party involved.

Thank you in advance


We have the public solutions page embedded in our website however, we noticed when you search for a term, the second search result header has the following text (red added for emphasis/visibility):

"Search Results in "All Solutions" and Subcategories"

The quotes are not being decoded from their character encoded form: ie " vs "


I would expect the text to read:  "Search Results in "All Solutions" and Subcategories" as it does in the upper section.  


Here is an example screenshot with the areas highlighted:  http://www.igrafx.com/assets/images/capture.png


Is there anyway to fix this?


I created a package in my developer account and uploaded it. I was trying to install it in my org account, but I get the following error:
"This package is not yet available. Please wait, or contact the package owner."

I have uploaded the same package many times before and this is simply the latest version. I added a few triggers since the last version, but nothing substantial. I have experienced temporary delays before, but not this long (24 hours).

If I try and install the package back into my developer account (on 'na5'), it finds it. If I try to install it in my second developer account (on 'na2'), I also get an error. My org account is on the 'ssl' server.

I will try uploading it with the same elements as in the last working version and see what that does.

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot for one version of the error:

Here is a screenshot for a similar error I got one time, even though I was trying to upload the same elements as above: