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We are looking to contact out an APEX Developer ASAP.  Please send me a private message and I can go through what the project entails.  


Thank you!

  • February 14, 2012
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International company looking for experienced Admin or Developer for multiple projects. Must have experience with Visual Force pages, the ability to build custom applications and experience with Community. 

Projects include
-Custom buttons
-Custom Objects
   - Time Tracking
   - Task Management/Checklists
   - Automated Proposals/Invoicing
-Client facing Community
   - Task Management/Checklists
   - Account Hierarchy 
I am looking for someone to create a tool for exporting to a specific file type (I have no idea the best way to accomplish what I need, counld be Web Services, could be something built-in) that does the following:

1. Generate a tab-delimited file that will be used for import into our accounting software. Name file with an extension of .iif (Quickbooks import file).
2. The file will require specific header names, and a repeating pattern for each row of data. For example:

Row 1 - Header names
Row 2 - Second row of header names
Row 3 - Close header names section

Row 4 - Open Data Row
Row 5 - Data
Row 6 - Close Data Row

Rows 4-6 repeat that pattern until the data runs out. 

If you think this is something you can handle, please let me know and perhaps offer up a bid. You can email me directly at shantelle AT openlegalservices.org .
I have a small freelance job. I'd need to get a newsletter template turned into HTML code so we can use it mass emailing from Salesforce. If you had the skill set and would be interested, please let me know. Our digital designer can give the exact specs if you'd like to quote us.
We are looking for folks who can write technical content related to the Salesforce ecosystem. We are looking for writers who can write the content effectively so that we can sell our software. We can provide references to other blogs.

You should be familiar with one or following areas:
Lifecycle management
Release management
version control
Change Management

In addition, some of the content will be created and generated into PDFs so that we can use it as part of the lead nurturing program.             

I have few tasks regarding minor changes to different parts of our platform, such as adding some new fields, be it labels or inputs, customizing a report and few minor other things.

If someone is willing to do it and has few hours for it please let me know and let's make a deal.

Best regards
We are looking for an experienced Salesforce developer to create an integration with our system. You must be US-based and ideally in the Washington, DC metro area. Remote work may be permitted for the ideal developer.
My multi-currency client has enabled Advanced Currency Management to take advantage of Dated Exchange Rates on opportunities. Because Salesforce does not extend the Dated Exchange Rate support to custom objects, my client is seeking a developer to provide this support for currency fields on two opportunity child objects. Support for roll-up summary fields on the opportunity object is also desired.

Has anyone out there covered this ground before, and/or who can repurpose existing code to craft a solution for us?

Related links that discuss the problem:
  • July 18, 2015
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Hi all,

We are using Qualaroo to collect feedback from clients in our application. These responses come through to a custom object in Salesforce.

Along with the response, we get the email address of the client (which is a unique identifier).

When a new response is added, we need a trigger that searches contacts based on the email, and then updates the lookup relationship with that contact.

As this will be the first piece of apex that's we will be using, we will also require help to deploy it.

Is anyone able to help?


Looking for a Salesforce developer who can work with Crystal Reports to pull in multiple salesforce reports.  We are combining multiple reports from SF into Crystal and I need someone who has previous experience with this.  The report is 90% completed just need to clean it up and add a few reports that already exist in SF.  Work needed to be done ASAP.

I am currently in the process of searching for a developer who can build assist with developing a management system for our use on the force.com platform.


High level requirements:

API access to estimating systems to import and sync data from the point of origin.

Import estimate line items in to the record.

The ability to indicate parts as on order, received, returned, back ordered, etc.

Job costing and calculation validation.


More details to follow. 

Preferably located in the northeast for ease of travel when needed.


Please let me know if you're interested and we can discuss in more detail.





  • March 16, 2012
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We're looking for a Senior Salesforce Developer who will be involved in complex SalesForce.com development & enhancement project. This is a hands-on role focused on identifying, planning, and implementing Salesforce.com features and functions in response to business needs. Our initial needs for this role is a 3-6 month project, however if this is a mutually good fit, this may transition into a FT permanent position.  Send resume to hr@midwestgoldbuyers.com.


Essential Job Functions Skills and Abilities


  • Work with business accounting team to gather requirements, design quality solution, and create development specifications.
  • Develop and configure the Salesforce.com instances and Force.com applications.
  • Clearly communicate project expectations and solutions to team members and business users.
  • Contribute to the overall application design and layout.
  • Responsible for unit testing for new enhancements and/or fixes.
  • Work effectively in a team environment consisting of project leads, technical leads, developers, contractors, business analysts, support staff.
  • Capable of recommending alternate choices, trade-offs, and impact analysis.
  • Advanced Developer is highly desirable.
  • Extensive experience with Salesforce.com, APEX, and Visual force (including custom advanced controllers)


Position Requirements


  • Seasoned professional with extensive experience writing code and designing in Salesforce
  • 3+ years of custom development within Force.com; experience in sales and service cloud
  • Past experience in highly customized SFDC Environment - developing, administering and providing customizations
  • Proficient in writing Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries
  • Good understanding of Salesforce governance limits and ability to brainstorm workarounds
  • Advanced knowledge of data management (including Data Loader)
  • Ability to effectively work in team environment with varying skill set levels
  • Knowledge of Batch Apex and Scheduled Jobs

Crossing Education is looking for consulting help with setting up Groundwire Volunteers and some custom object workflows. 

  • February 27, 2012
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Located in Cambridge, Ontario, we are looking to move our implementation of Salesforce to the next level, and expand across the Business.  We need an experienced administrator/developer to help define and implement these changes and mentor existing staff.

Immediate need, please let me know if you can help.





  • February 24, 2012
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We are looking to contact out an APEX Developer ASAP.  Please send me a private message and I can go through what the project entails.  


Thank you!

  • February 14, 2012
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I am looking for someone to custom salesforce for me. I have rencelty set up on Salesforce for my business and want to customize some reports, buttons, autoresponders, Conga and a few other items.

If you are interested pleaes contact me.






we are looking for an experienced force.com developer to rebuild our current .net application in force.com

can be a full time job.  Start immediately.   Toronto, Canada

  • January 25, 2012
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