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tell me about webservices with easy example?


I want to know how to use apex data loader to insert data for the objects which have lookup relationship with other objects.I mean what data I put for these fields in csv file.

What features are supported by Salesforce in developer mode?

Hi All,
I want three fields should be mendatory once the Stage(picklist) is declined. These three fields are of type Lookup,Text and Number.

please give me examples of item attribute in <apex:panelbar> tag

How to set Header and Footer in Visualforce email tamplate?

"for interview purpose" give me best Difference between action function and action support function??/

i want to insert data from external form to custom object. i will use php code. 

 how to create an record for the object ..created by custom setting..?

How do I convert Objects to String.
Object ChildFieldValue = ChildRecord.get('FirstName);
string s = ChildFieldValue1 .toString();

send email to selected contacts in visualforce page????/

how to Use a bucket field in reports?

How can we assign a picklist value to a record type once it is created.
I have picklist field called Test and it has values x,y,z but while adding z i forgt to assign it to a record type A, now i want it to assign z to A record type..is this possible?

difference between "Trigger.New" and "Trigger.old".

 displaying   two Pageblocktables in same pageblocksection side by side.

I have a custom object with two percent fields. If the "Rate1__c" percentage field has a number entered, but "Rate2__c" is blank and user tries to save, the record should error out and prompt the user to complete the "Rate2__c" field.

I need a VR with this project that is 99% complete and this will save me! lol Thanks!

The API's are:

Date Type: Percent

hi i want that when we select any value any value from list then it should be display using alert.

<apex:page id="p1" controller="Test">

<apex:form id="f1">
<apex:pageBlock id="pb1">
<apex:pageblockSection id="pbs1" >
<apex:selectList id="pl1" value="{!countries}" multiselect="false" >
<apex:selectOptions value="{!items}"/>


public class Test {

String[] countries = new String[]{};
public String[] getCountries() {
return countries;


public void setCountries(String[] countries) {
this.countries = countries;

public List<SelectOption> getItems() {
List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
options.add(new SelectOption('US','US'));
options.add(new SelectOption('CANADA','Canada'));
options.add(new SelectOption('MEXICO','Mexico'));
options.add(new SelectOption('CHINA','China'));
options.add(new SelectOption('LONDON','London'));
return options;

Retrieve a List of Objects using Apex?

difference between "Trigger.New" and "Trigger.old".

Is it possible to for an apex:inputField element to be editable even if the user viewing the page has read only access to it?  I don't actually want to write the change back to the record, simply want an input field there of the correct type based on the field with the records info already filled in. 



I have an issue with my javascript for treeview.The issue is that while I am selecting a single parent checkbox,then the entire child checkboxes of every parent node is also get checked.What is the issue with my javascript?




function checkAll(cb,cbid)

var inputElem = document.getElementsByTagName("input");

for(var i=0; i<inputElem.length; i++)
if(inputElem[i].id.indexOf(cbid) !=-1)
inputElem[i].checked = true;

inputElem[i].checked = false;




*****VF page*****


<ul id="tree1" class="filetree">
<apex:repeat value="{!AllIndustries}" var="parent">
<li><span class="folder"><strong><input type="checkbox" id="checkInd1" name="{!parent.industries_level1_id}" value="{!parent.industries_level1_id}" onclick="checkAll(this,'checkInd2')"/>
<apex:outputtext style="color:blue;" escape="false" value="{!parent.industries_level1_name}"/></strong></span>
<apex:repeat value="{!parent.industries_level2}" var="child">
<li><span class="folder">
<input type="checkbox" id="checkInd2" value="{!child.industries_level2_id}" />
<apex:outputtext style="color:green;" escape="false" value="{!child.industries_level2_name}"/></span>





Please tell me about REST API with example?

Hi everyone

Can we update any of the field except ‘id ’more than 2 records simultaneously from single list. Is it possible?



I have two report :


1. Account with Team Member

2. Account Contact and Contact Profile.


My Requirement:


I want a detail report of Account Contact Contact Profile and Team member i.e i want know what are the account,contact and contact profile assigned to a particular sales rep.


I have tried the same through Join Report but couldnot able to combine the block.



I am building a BI package that calls several objects using describesobject(). All my objects are coming back with the correct fields except the user object, which I believe sends back results from another object. Regardless its not right, I hard coded the query to workaround the issue. Any clues or anyone else have this problem?