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We have a custom object that uses an auto number field to uniquely identify each record.


For a number of internal reasons we have to use sharepoint document libraries to manage attachments.  This policy will never change until SF.com incorporates versions and check in/check out within the content module.


Has anybody ever built a custom button that would automatically create a new folder within an existing sharepoint document library.


For example:


  1. Our custom SF.com object is called "Deal Request", the auto number field is called "DR Number".
  2. Our document library is located at www.test.com\sharepoint\documents  
  3. When a new deal request record is created the user would be able to push a button called "create attachments folder"
  4. Pushing the button would automatically create a new folder in the existing document library:  www.test.com\sharepoint\documents\drnumber  (where dr number is the new number assigned to the new record just created).

Has anyone ever done something like this?  Could you provide any tips or tricks to look for?


Thanks in advance.