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I have a custom object (Properties). Properties are owning another custom object (Property Unit). 
Property Units have lookup fields which are (Tenant) and (Landlord). 

A property owns about 40 units on average. So we have 40 different tenants. 

I want to display list of Tenants on a text field on Property upon each new update. Is there a way to do it? 

Is it possible to create a print template for a record detail page? I have a custom object and whenever a user prints, I'd like to it to print to a format that I setup - complete with company logo, record information and maybe an attached word page. If it's possible, would someone walk me through how to set it up?

I have a SFDC country table with 216 records. I can see all of them in SFDC list view (this proves that I have access) and I can also extract them via Jitterbit dataloader.


However, when I use Excel Connector, this is what happened:


1) If I use "Table Query WIzard" or "Query Table Data", without any filder, then only 13 records returned


2) If I paste all record ID in excel,  use "Query Selected Rows", then it does retrieve data of all rows.


I tried several times. It always the same 13 records. (I could see any pattern from the 13 records)


I am using the latest Excel Connection (Version 16.03).  I did not have this problem before and also don't have problem today with other tables.  I have full SFDC admin access




Please kindly shed some lights

  • August 27, 2012
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I have a custom object which has two child custom objects.  The relationship is Lookup, not Master-Detail.  These three objects are connected and can be viewed as a single part of a process.


I have an approval process on the parent object.  This locks the record.  However, the child records remain accessible.


Are there any methods that allow the automated locking of the child records off the back of the approval process on the parent?




I am getting this error message with one specific user on his machine only:  "Unable to send request to server.  The server name or address could not be resolved." 


He can login to SF through the web, but is not able to login from the Excel Connector.  I can login with his credentials through Excel from desktop though.  Has anyone else seen this error message?

  • October 14, 2009
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Going through the Force.com Workbook and on pg 31, trying to create an Apex Trigger by Right clicking on my project folder and trying to select New Apex Trigger, but I don't have that option. Rather I get the option to create a new Project, Folder, File, Example or Other.

Same thing when I tried to Create a New Application. Also, when I right click on my project and select Properties, I don't have an option to download the latest metadata changes on the server. I went and updated by force.com ide to the latest by going to Help and Software Updates and following the directions on this website for upgrading the ide.

Thanks for your help in advance.