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Hi all, i am trying to write a test method for a private method and  my  test methods is in seperate test class.My methosd has a "private static" modifier  but after writing test method as

 static testMethod void test_getRestrictedProfileSet()
            ProductsAndServicesController testgetprofile=new ProductsAndServicesController();

i am getting this error::::::Error: Compile Error: Method is not visible: [ProductsAndServicesController].getRestrictedProfileSet() at line 16 column 27...............................can anybody help me in solving this problem.It will be so helpful for me.

I am trying to get records on click of a button but after clicking on that button i am using this code



 <apex:actionStatus id="mystatus" startText=" (Searching for account....)">
            <apex:facet name="start">
             <apex:image value="{!$Resource.AjaxAnimation}"/>
          <!-- &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
             <FONT COLOR="black" SIZE="1"><b><i>Searching for account....</i></b></FONT> -->


and i am using id mystatus in the command button but i am not getting the message "Searching for account...." ALONG WITH THE IMAGE THATS why i commented it if i will uncomment it i will not get the image but i will get the message..................................can anyone suggest me some sollution to this.plz its urgent.

I have a requirement that i want to create a visualforce page where a partner/user
will select some product which are available in one of the object but i want that
he can only be able to select only those products which he is allowed to sell based
on the certification and entitlements he has.please suggest how can i achieve this.