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          I have a requirement to write a trigger to update the checkbox on the relatedlist of an object.




There are 2 objects here



2. child__c


There is a custom field on the child__c called "check__c". so if there are two child__c records on a master__c record. only one child__c record can be updated with the check__c as "true" at any given point of time, so, if we try to update the other child record as true, the check box on the first record should get unchecked.


Any help will be appreciated.






I have an issue with populating merge fields on an email template


Issue: i have created a workflow rule on an object called (bigmachines_quote__c) and assigned an email template to that. The field (bigmachines_opportunity__c) is lookup field to opportunity on the quote object. Now when i try to merge some opportunity fields on the email template, the field values do not show up on the email. so, i tried to create formula fields on the quote object to populate the fields of the opportunity, but, those formula fields donot show up on the quote merge fields list on the email template.


Any help is really appreciated.




Hello All,

               I have an issue with adding a lookup field on the opportunity as i get an error saying that  i have reached the limit of adding 25 relationship fields on the opportunity. I have about 24 lookup fields now. But my question is whether the Roll-up summary fields also come under relationship fields? Please help.





I see that SF auto update the close date every time I change(not rename) the account of opportunity, why?? Does it normal for SF ?


For example:

I have opportunity with:

won = true

closedate = 01 jan 2010

stagename = close/won


today 21 may 2010 if I change(not rename) account of the opportunity , because I check that is wrong, and I save the opportunity the results will be:


won = true

closedate = 21 may 2010

stagename = close/won


I have no worfkflow or trigger active, that do this change of closedate.


I think it is a bug of salesforce.


Another bug is that in 21 may 2010, if I change account of the opportunity some workflow will be fired again. This workflow that will be fired doesn't have any criteria linked to the change of account!!