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Hi developers,
Here i have written a class, which is inserting an incident and after insertion i am trying put id of that incident in another child object
BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c newincident= new BMCServiceDesk__Incident__c();
newincident.description__c='Test cases.'
insert newincident;
// second object related as lookup, incident__c is field related to it.
email_to_incident_history__c emailincident=new email_to_incident_history__c();
insert emailincident;
But it is throwing an error, saying invalid id.
Hey Developer,
I have so many 10 apex classes and 4 trigger in salesfoce how can i check which apex class or apex trigger pulling the data from oracle to salesforce ???
  • October 08, 2015
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i want to log a case in my developer org. when i click on "Help" link on top right corner in the home page it is redirecting to Help.salesforce.com but when i try to open a case by clicking on "open case" its again going to home page of Help.salesforce.com and this is repeating as a cycle and not able to open a case.

the same is happening in Sandbox also.


but when i go to enterprise/production org the link i see on top right corner in "Help & Training"  instead of only "Help" (in Developer org) and its allowing me to open a case.


please help me if anyone has idea about this.

i have an urgent requirement to open a case from my developer org.


thanks in advance