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I downloaded the Eclipse 4.2, but when I tried to create Force.com Projects  with all the salesforce login and security token typed in correctly, I  got the " Unable to connect to hostname 'test.salesforce.com' with given login credentials" msg. Tried several times for different orgs, still didn't work.
I changed the Network connection-> Active Provider list to Manual through the Proxy Setting link in the New project dialog box. Didn't work either.

I would greatly appreciate some insight and feedback.

Thanks in avance.
  • March 23, 2015
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I have a VF page that I am rendering in PDF where part of the content is an Ordered List, with some embedded Unordered Lists. When I use the renderas="pdf" argument in my apex:page line the embedded lists do not render correctly. If I take out the renderas="pdf" argument in the apex:page line, the resulting HTML page does render correctly.


Here is an example VF page:


<apex:page standardController="Opportunity" sidebar="false"
    showheader="false" cache="true" renderas="pdf">
    <P>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam rutrum est in elit volutpat 
    lacinia. Integer scelerisque enim eu quam tempor in sagittis urna consequat. Morbi euismod, 
    quam nec malesuada lacinia, erat elit varius metus, in vehicula nisl nibh non leo.</P>
        <LI>Curabitur vel euismod est. Nunc id ligula dui, at mollis risus:
            <LI>Morbi ultrices feugiat leo, ut luctus augue lobortis eget;</LI>
            <LI>Vestibulum dignissim risus at turpis pretium ut facilisis dolor bibendum.</LI>
        <LI>IAliquam aliquam porta tellus, sit amet tempor ligula lobortis vitae:
            <LI>Nunc suscipit dui vitae dui sagittis non scelerisque sem ultrices;</LI>
            <LI>Fusce sit amet lorem sed metus tincidunt tristique;</LI>
            <LI>Cras rutrum enim ac ipsum ullamcorper scelerisque</LI>
        <LI>Aenean eu neque mattis nibh viverra facilisis viverra ac sapien. Integer 
            sed mauris at nibh volutpat varius ac volutpat dolor.</LI>
        <LI>Vestibulum euismod ipsum sed eros faucibus laoreet arius diam sit amet 
             metus venenatis nec imperdiet nibh dapibus.</LI>
    <P>Aliquam luctus turpis non lectus rhoncus non hendrerit eros facilisis. Nulla facilisi. 
    Nunc blandit tortor id nisl egestas semper tristique nunc cursus. Donec vulputate venenatis mi, 
    vitae pretium nisl dapibus eu. Sed purus nisi, malesuada in imperdiet ac, rhoncus sit amet velit. 
    Sed a quam nec lorem consectetur bibendum ut quis augue. Mauris et nulla eget purus sodales 
    tempor vitae at diam.</P> 

 The rendered PDF page shows as follows:





Whereas if I remove the renderas="pdf" in the apex:page line and let the page render as HTML, I get the following result:




Seems like the PDF render within VF is not producing reasonable output results for this example.


Has anyone else seen this type of issue?  Is there any way to weork around the problem?




How can i display logo on standard account detail page?

What is the best approach for adding a Client Logo into a custom object in Salesforce? 

Hi there, I want to add the logo for my customers onto the account page. I use the image formula just now but have realised that with the amount of customers we have that the formula length will exceed the allowed text length. Does anybody have a solution to this? Just to make it a bit trickier i'd also like branches to be able to inherit the logo from the head office and not have to sit and add a URL to every record.


Thanks in advance for your help and advice.