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Hi, we offer SF integration services.


We have vast experience in SF integration (SOAP API, UI parsing, Visual Force, APEX). Groupon is among our clients.


The company is based in Moscow, Russia, but we fluently speak English. Can meet personally in Europe, if required.


Please contact sales@bytewerk.com for your sales inquiries.


Thank you.

1. External system is doing a pull from Salesforce.


Sample SOAP request to pull data:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"
<urn:queryString>SELECT Id, Name, BillingStreet FROM Account WHERE Name LIKE '%a%'</urn:queryString>


How many querystring tags we can use? I wanted to understand if external system has the capability to retrieve mutiple objects data like can we use multiple query strings e.g.,
<urn:queryString>select id, name from Lead</urn:queryString>
<urn:queryString>select id, name from Opportunity</urn:queryString>

What is the limit of this?

2. External system is updating/inserting in to Salesforce.


<urn:sObjects xsi:type="urn1:Account"> <!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
<!--You may enter ANY elements at this point-->
<Name><b>Acme Rocket Supply, Inc.</b></Name>


Can we do multiple operations at a time.,
like updating one object and inserting another object?
Updating and inserting on same object?
What is the limit?


Please let me know the responses.




  • April 29, 2013
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Requirement: To get Account details from SAP and store it in Salesforce during the first week of every month.


To implement this, I can use HTTP Callouts to the SAP webservices.  The callouts call the SAP services, pass the account Id and gets all the other information and stores in Salesforce.  This logic I can do it in my Apex classes and schedule it to run on 1st of every month.


What I want to know is how to setup the connection between SAP and Salesforce? Can anyone brief the steps ?

- Does SAP allow creation of web services for Salesforce to call? 

- Do we need any third party tools ? 

- Can I use outbound messaging services in Salesforce? 

- How is the hosting of SAP web service taken care?


Please help.  Thanks!

We have what should be a fairly simple, short-term project.  It may, however, turn into one that needs periodic replication, depending how our business unfolds.
Summary: we have an existing, functional salesforce.com back-end that links to a website front-end; customer data entry happens via a popup web-to-lead form. We would like to also install and customize additional, similar functionality that includes a "web-to-project" form for which SF.com does not have pre-canned code.
Some development on this piece was begun, but it is currently incomplete and nonfunctional.  Our prior developer went AWOL and implementation is time sensitive.
If interested, please send the below information to IT@calcef.org:
  • Qualifications
  • Samples of completed, online, functioning past jobs
  • Pricing proposal
  • Availability
  • At least two customer references
We will reply and arrange a time to discuss project scope only to qualified individuals or firms who provide complete credentials.
Thank you.

Hi All,


Can someone please help me with detailed steps for Migrating from Siebel to SFDC...

As i have never worked on Siebel I don't have any idea about that CRM but since have a requirement for migration would like to know it in detail.Also if you can provide any helpful pdfs,doc or links will be of Great Help...




Please kindly Help and Guide...



I am having trouble querying Accounts in Salesforce via the API and a PHP script


I am getting the following error message


Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::query()


The key part of my script is


// Connect
$client = new SforcePartnerClient();
$loginResult = $client->login($userName, $password);

// Query records
$query = "SELECT Id, FirstName, LastName, Phone from Contact";
$response = $loginResult->query($query);


Any suggestions?






I want to list the salesforce cases to big monitor display like support team reference. Which tool i can use for this and how to integrate that?

Can any one suggest me for this?



  • April 03, 2013
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