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I would love to get some quick help with this validation rule:

ISBLANK(Last_Name__c),REGEX(Last_Name__c ,"([a-zA-Z-])*")))

What I want is for Last Name to include only a-z, A-Z, hyphens or spaces. 

When I first wrote it as this: REGEX(Last_Name__c ,"([a-zA-Z])*")))  -- without the hyphen, I was getting it to work to allow spaces. However, once I added the hyphen in, the hyphen was allowed but spaces were no longer allowed. 

What am I doing wrong here? 




I am attempting to implement email-to-case for one of our teams that is already using SF and has some complex business processes.  The issue is that they work from a custom "Work Orders" object, that is related to cases and about half the time they send emails to customer from THERE, not from cases.


This means that the 'thread ID' for the case will NOT be inserted into the email when it is sent, so a response will NOT automatically be attached to the case.  I am looking for a way to add this, but it looks like there is not way in apex to add the thread id to the email before it is sent.


Is my only option then a custom button?  I guess I would set up a 'dummy' email template that I could reference with a URL hack that just pulls in the thread ID automatically?  This also means that the hundred of email templates (as well as those included in WF) would have to be updated as well to include a merge field for the case's thread ID.


Is there an easier and more sure-fire way of doing this?


Jeremy Stender

Hi there,

We have a lookup field on LEADS point to Accounts. The Web To Lead Form does not display the Lookup field called "Reseller", and I am not sure what HTML element should be used to grab the data from the Web Form and then populate into the look up field into LEADS object.

We have tried using something like this:-




Reseller:<input  id="00N80000004nbGG" maxlength="100" name="00N80000004nbGG" size="20" type="text" /><br>

This is not working.

On the Web Form the field Reseller is a picklist while in SFDC we are trying to populate into lookup field.

How should this be resolve, what do we need to do on our web form to populate this value into SFDC under the lookup field.?

I've been trying to use the Excel Connector for the last two weeks to manage the data in our organisation, but I'm having a problem where I get the following error in Excel which is preventing me from using this tool:


Error Generated by request::An internal server error has occured while processing your request.

ExceptionCode : 5103

The first couple of times I tried to use Excel Connector it worked fine. However I then started seeing this error every time I tried to use it - the error appears after I put in my password in Excel Connector and click Login.


We are on Salesforce Professional. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the toolkit and connector, but it hasn't made a difference. I'm using Excel 2010 32-bit on Windows 7 64-bit.


I can log in to Salesforce in my browser on the same computer.


I've checked that IE is not in Offline Mode, and verified that Excel can actually connect to the internet (pinged a URL using VBA script).


I've tried disabling my antivirus (MSE) and windows firewall.


I've tried changing the server url as suggested by this thread (had to modify registry keys to do this as that field was not editable in the connector.


None of these resolutions worked.


Has anyone experienced and managed to resolve this, or can anyone suggest any other possible resolutions?

I would like to send an email to a non-case-owner each time a new case comment is added.


On the force.com discussion board I found a workaround for the problem of generating an email alert from a workflow from case comments. Implementing all the steps suggested by jgreene (his post), I got stuck with the last step 

where the workflow action is created to notify the user of the new case comment: 


Add a new workflow action to the above rule:
-Description: "Notify account team of new case comment"
-Email Template: "Case Comment added - notify account team"
-Recipient Type: Account Team
  Account Team: Primary Sales Engineer
  Account Team: Secondary Sales Engineer


My problem is: the person to who I want to send the notification email to can differ for every case. Each case created in our SF environment gets assigned to a specific "case solver", based on the "case type" chosen from a picklist. So the recipient of the email alert depends on the case type. In total there are 8 different case types, thus 8 different possible mail receivers.


Ideally, in the "recipients"-field of the email alert workflow action I should be able to add the field "case type" (which is then linked to the case solver and the email address of that user), but that's not an option.


Anyone has a suggestion how to tackle this problem?



Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi all,

I'm using the apex data loader to upload account teams (we have a complex coverage model) and am having trouble setting the access level for the team members.  I can set it correctly via the gui but with thousands or records that's not really feasible.

I am able to load the account teams but I am not able to set the access rights. Team members are defaulting to read only and and I need account team members to be able to edit the records.  The problem is in the data loader I don't see a field to map the required value to. 

I have also tried the sforce excel connector to export the data I've loaded and update the value of the accountaccesslevel but to no avail.

Account Default Sharing - public read only
sharing Rules - none

  • March 15, 2007
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