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I have two custom objects (Contracts & Contract Line Items).  I created a mail merge document to generate a quote based on data from the Contracts and Contract Line Items objects.  These objects have a one to many relationship (Contract is on the One side).  When I click the merge button everything works great except for the Line Items from the Many side of the relationship--these fields are blank in the Word doc.  I think maybe I'm not using the correct merge codes--does anyone have experience with this? 
This is an example of the merge codes that I used:
Please help!!
I would like to write invoices with word templates out of the opportunities, but it doesn't work. Maybe someone has a solution. Its is very important.

thank you for your help.

I just disovered maildrop and I am psyched. I also quite like the quicksilver plugin. However, the only thing that necessitates me firing up parallels is mailmerge. We use it to make quotes in msword using products that we have for a given opportunity. Is there any solution to getting this to work on os x? This would really help me out.

Oh yeah, one other question is if we can associate a new contact that we create using maildrop with an account?

Is it possible to use mail merge with Open Office.org as your default reader rather than Microsoft Word?
I am trying to create a sales order using the mail merge option present in Salesforce.I have some custom objects related to my Opportunity layout.
Although the merge fields of the custom object are visible in the Salesforce office edition,they don't return any value?
Any inputs?
Has anyone seen a way to bypass the template selection page when performing a mail merge? We have a custom objct that we will do a mail merge from but the template will always be the same and we would love to hard code the template into the mail merge button somehow..thanks in advance!
I recently started using a new laptop with the fancy Vista OS, and have since been unable to perform a successful mail merge. I've read about some problems with this in Office 2007, but I have Office 2003 installed on this machine. I'm also using IE, not Firefox, for mail merges. I can't seem to find any help online, but I doubt I'm the only person who is experiencing this problem. Any suggestions?
Error message:
Naturally, the the file that it's apparently referring to ("Cannot create a file when that file already exists" ) does not exist.
Thanks for any help.
  • March 15, 2007
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I installed this application in my test environment, now I can't find it on the App Exchange. What happened?
Thanks, CindyF
  • March 09, 2007
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Hello All,
I'm trying to do a simple mailmerge using a template that worked in office 2003. After upgrading to 2007 I receive the following error message:
Exception:CMMHost::GenMailMerge:Exception Object variable or With block variable not set
Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
  • February 06, 2007
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