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I am new to s-controls and need to build an s-control to copy the Billing Address to the Shipping Address on the Account object.   Please advise.

Do you guys have any Java Code samples for getting the data from a multi-select picklist field? We are trying to get the data (using Java) the same way we do for regular single picklist custom fields, but it is not pulling the appropriate "available" and "selected" values from the multi-select picklist field.

Please advise.


I am using excel connector to easily delete the mass emails and tasks that we have in sales force to open up some more room. 
When i call up all emails with the sent date less then 10/31/2007 it pulls up emails from both before that date and after.  When i start a new query with emails with the sent date greater then 10/31/2007 it pulls up the same emails.
I am getting frustrated because i have been trying to use this off and on for a few months with no success. Sales force is not able to help me.  Does anyone know the number for excel connector support?
Help is very much appreciated!
Here is the scenario:

For every deal that is signed there is a commission pool of 2 to 6 people. The commissions are paid out as the money comes in each month. The customer payments from which the commission payments are made may or may not be large enough to completely pay the commission amounts in month. In that case the remainder rolls over to the next month Example:

Dealer Commission Due: 300
Customer Monthly Payment: 200
September Commission payment:200
October Commission payment: 100

And so on.

I have written a bunch of IF(AND and IF(OR formulas to automatically calculate the payments to be made (depending on funds availability, etc).

My problem is that I am bumping up against the 5000 limit for formulas. I need a way to take the value of a formula (let's say the September Commission Amount) and use that in a new formula.

So the assumption would be that I am taking the value of a field, not the formula itself into the next formula, breaking the chain of formulas and 'resetting' the 5000 character limit????

Does this make sense?

How do I do this? I tried using the Mail Merge Value {!fieldname_c} but it did not disconnect me from the formula chain.

I have several of these complex formulas to create. Using SF Professional.

Thanks for your time, you brilliant people!

I am new to s-controls and need to build an s-control to copy the Billing Address to the Shipping Address on the Account object.   Please advise.
Hi All,

I am creating an scontrol to pass information from 1 object to another.. basically I want to have a "create invoice" button in an account that sends the account name and address to the invoice.. The problem i'm having is that the "billing address" field has 3-4 lines in it, therefore when the scontrol redirects to the URL https://salesforce....{account.name} + .. {account.Billingaddress} it errors as there are multiple lines on the billing address..

Does anyone know how I can send this billing address to the invoice billing address?? I've got team/group edition

Many thanks

A cohort of mine is working on a custom formula in salesforce and is experiencing difficulty as the formula is beyond the scope able to be handled (he believes the limit to be somewhere around 5K). He has tried to break up the formula into separate components, but once again has run into difficulty with it being beyond the scope of things. His actual question to me is:

I think what I want to do is break it up into seperate formulas, but even referencing those formulas makes it too long - is there any way to reference the actual VALUE in a formula field and not the formula itself from another formula?

Has anyone out there in our salesforce universe experienced a similar situation and if so, can you help out with how you implemented the solution? Thanks!

-Larry @ cars.com
  • August 29, 2007
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