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I am trying to export my personal SF.com  data to spreadsheet format and then use that file to integrate with the sample you sent me yesterday instead of doing it manually.

The hitch is this, I am working on a MAC and when I prep the file on SF.com in the Data area, then save and export, my options are csv or xls, neither of which works when save the file on my MAC and open to view.

I am quite familiar with importing and exporting on my MAC, being the intuitive machine it is it just almost does the job on its own, but with SF the end result file is unusable. My search on this issue led me to reading about Force.com Excel Connector (there is no OSX version?) and other ways around this matter, landing up on this page http://www.ericsantiago.com/eric_santiago/2010/03/mac-daddy.html, who recommends LexiLoader.  I've installed LexiLoader for OSX on my MAC when I run it, it asks me to insert my SF.com access details and then error messages me they are incorrect, and they are not. So back to the drawing board.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Alternatively I will just have to do this list manually ):